Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Garden of Good and EVIL

Okay, there was no evil in the garden---- only good. Knit night with the ladies was at Silvana's charming home last night. She'd had a party last weekend and had food (and beer) leftover. Did I mention cake? And the garden? It was charming, and really more than wonderful.

I knit a total of two rows, cussed too much after family life issues and swore I'd stay home and keep the drama out of the mix.

There are photos............ really. Unfortunately I took them with my new phone (which I love) and can't figure out for the life of me how to get them out. I'm generally not so tech stupid. This time I am.

Knitting-- not much.
Working-- too much.
Crabby? Youbetcha!

I wish I were wandering the streets of Santa Fe (like Francis will be doing tomorrow) and eating a big bowl of green chili stew.

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jen duncan said...

Hey! Here's how I get photos off the phone in a pinch--I email them to myself. Works well when I just want one. When you want all of 'em off the phone you have to pull out cords and stuff. :-)