Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Red Becomes Me

It is January SIXTH blitters and I'm just nuts that I haven't gotten caught up/around the curve/in good shape since before the holidays. Can you believe it?

The latest thing to hit the fan (with a grand splatter) is that my car died. I mean DIED. A nasty horrible death that came along with grinding screeching noises which left me in fear of it. A tow truck ride, bad advice from a mechanic that caused me to send 215 dollars I didn't have into the wasteful winds and many tears in the car dealership made up the better part of two days.

End game is that I have a new car, new to me that is--- in RED. My favorite color always I have to say I dig the car---- and "Betty" seems to like me to. Does everyone else name their cars or am I the only strange one? There is a warranty, a real live I've forgotten what a warranty feels like that will last me another 75,000 miles, I'm swooning with delight.

On a side note because like I said I'm really behind with life right now is that I didn't mention that when my son was here he was rocking a beanie hand knitted by his beloved. There is no way I can tell you how much that made me smile. We need another knitter in the family!


Anonymous said...

I'm driving Sophie nowadays.

The ancient Ford my father provided when I was in school was dubbed "Lizzie", as in Tin L.

Jackie said...

I named my car Jaws. The car before that was Flipper. I go for an ocean theme, it seems.

What kind did ya get? And - when will you stop being so busy and come to knitting?!?! :)

Meredith said...

Glad you are safe in your new car, red is the best!

yoel said...

We missed you at knit night! Glad you're safe now. Betty is a good name for a red car!

Teresa said...

My first car was "George". My current car is "Opal" but usually goes by "Baby Car".