Saturday, January 9, 2010

The Loveliest of Gifts!

In a gift exchange from a small part of Knit Group (okay 3 of us were available)---- good things happened. First was brunch (I drank coffee as a diner style menu, while yummy, was not on my diet plan) with Yo-El and Silvana. Excellent company!

I totally wussed out, completely. I had such plans to make something knitterly and fab, then when it became apparent that I couldn't do that I decided to sew something. Well, best laid plans and all my contribution was a gift certificate from a local knit shop. I was only wildly (not mildly) embarassed, even willing to let the two good girls swap gifts and slipping home with my gc quietly.

The girls are more gracious than I can say.......... and Yo-El seemed happy enough to have a bit of cash to take on a yarn expedition.

Check out the GORGEOUS tea towels gifted from Silvana! I mean really, aren't they spectacular! Vintage and fabulous in their spectacular crocheted goodness! I'm in love with them. I'm trying not to feel slugly-ier about it all, really I am.

Yo-El knit a most spectacular shawlette............... perfect for Silvana who was most appreciative! I'll have to show pics of it if Yo-El sends them over as I was cameraless today. It is delish!

I'm a lucky girl!

BTW--- I have to edit this to say that I wore Cable Luxe ... to the swap today. No one said a thing about it's funky-ness. It was ON BACKWARDS............... sheesh. Pretty soon I'll be wearing my underwear on the outside of my clothes!!!

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Ann said...

Ok, well, I only saw it under your coat, so I'm exonerating myself. I still want one of my own...