Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Sleeves marching on

Okay---- I should amend the title to SLEEVE. Still a single sleeve and it is gradually (very gradually) lengthening.

As usual, not much knitting time to work on Lloie's Cardigan but my mindset is to enjoy the journey.

You know the ugly truth is that when this sleeve is done, that second sleeve is going to feel like puredee misery!

I'd planned on doing both on circs but chose instead to work them on 4 dpn's. I enjoy the process of the dpn, it makes me smile. All things considered it really doesn't shorten the time (much) or so I tell myself.

photo Yo-El

As promised, a shot (from Yo-El's blog) of her gift contribution to the exchange. It is Citroen knit for Silvana in the yummiest of a peacock sort of blue. It is perfectly gorgeous and I don't know how she managed it, this girl is uber productive, let me tell you. I adore the pattern and would love to knit this yummy shawlette for myself.
Get knittin'!


Anonymous said...

Any one would love to have this.

PamKittyMorning said...

Love that shawlette! You always try and tempt me to knitting.