Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Still the World Turns

Yup.............. blogposts have been few and far between as I struggle with a full plate. Looking around the blogosphere I see that there are many of us with the same issues.

Still no photos of Liesl and Cable Luxe while finished is waiting impatiently to be blocked. Personally I don't know what her foot stomping rush is, I mean she waited long enough to be DONE, didn't she?

After a long search to decide what to knit next I've arrived at an answer. With a stop at the lovely Kirkwood Knittery (a happily open on Monday knit establishment here in St. Louis) knowing without a doubt that I wanted to knit the Chevron Ruana by Iris Schreier, from Lacy Little Knits. But after finding that some dastardly knitter had snagged the book and I couldn't come to a conclusion about yarn anyway one thing was abundantly clear to me. This was simply NOT the project at this time. I've found in my life that things need to 'line up' as it were, and when roadblocks are in front of me this means that this is not the route to take. So after bidding a fond adieu to the helpful ladies in the shop I dropped back to reconsider.

And reconsider I did. Surrounded by all of the latest fall knit mags and my Ravelry favorites in front of me I read and pondered, oogled and considered. After long thought, and a row or two on Pi Are Square I have made a decision.

I can't wait to cast on for "Wisteria" by Kate Gilbert, found in the new Twist Collective!

I love the shaping, and those fabulous twisted cables on the lovely neckline, hem and sleeves are gorgeous. After purchasing the pattern late last night from the Twist Collective website I sniffled a bit at the challenge before me. Challenging because I am a big fat wussy and do not read charts. At all. Wisteria is full of charts---------- sigh, moan, groan. I guess it is time to cowboy up and get on with it. Learn and grow and move on.

As my time out and about has come to a screeching halt and another job has landed on my desk this morning I'll be availing myself of yarn that comes to my door, delivered by my always cordial mail lady. Wisteria will be knit in KnitPicks Wool of the Andes in Amber Heather, a yummy golden brown.

While I wait impatiently for the doorbell to ring I'll plod away on Pi Are Square and get Cable Luxe blocked. I might even do some quilting, it has been far too long. The reality is that I will do little of either and merely put my head down and work on the website(s) that are not getting done nearly fast enough.

This blitters, is the story of my life.


Jenni said...

I love Twist Collective! There are so many great patterns on the site!

knittingjuju said...

Oh I think once you chart you won't go back, dearie. Soon you'll have your own charting software, and then what? I can't wait to see...

jen duncan said...

You make me wish I could knit, that's for sure.

Chrissieday said...

i love the pattern too but we cannot get knitpicks wool mailed to us here in the uk which really bugs me .my daughter is in Cuba at the mo and guess what she got engaged romantically so now my head is full of weddings ---help.