Saturday, August 9, 2008

Knitting Olympically..... or something....

The best laid plans always trip me up. Almost every single time! It was my plan to run home yesterday, run through the butcher's for his signature cheddar burgers for the grill, cook and be in my seat in time for the opening ceremonies from Beijing by 6:30. Needless to say, I managed to sit down at 8. So it goes.

I did have a fabulous afternoon yesterday, my 'niece' has moved into her first home alone and it is just cute as pie. We went on a scouting trip for fabric for the window treatments (which I will be making). Once I got her to commit to a color palette she loves for the house that all coordinates together, we finally found great fabrics for the living room, her bedroom, the bathroom and the kitchen is still to come. The problem was that she needed CHEAP and that is not always easy to pull off. Being the queen of cheap decorating I was able to pull out a trick or two and she came in on fabric at less than 90 dollars so we were thrilled. Over lunch she filled me in on her life and once again I am very glad not to be 23. It's just too hard and very complicated!

I'm a proud member of Team St. Louis for the Ravelympics and WILL complete my gray cabled sweater in the WIP Wrestling category. Again, in the best laid plans--- I wanted to sit down with it last night and begin to tackle it but didn't have a chance to knit on it until this morning while watching the US women take on Japan in volleyball. Great game, 1 inch accomplished! There is not a huge amount left to do on the sweater, I just knew that I wanted to finish it, and couldn't handle the stress of a huge project hanging over my head for the next 17 days, too much other stuff on my plate.

Saturday means it is a wedding day again, and we'll be out in winery country on a pleasant day. There of course will be a knitting bride with any luck at all.

What are YOU doing while watching the Olympics?


Jenni said...

I totally missed the opening ceremonies and the whole ravelympics thing. I am so out of touch, I guess.

Virtuous said...

I was CO in a parking lot while waiting on my bus Friday morning during the opening cermonies! HAHAHA!

Luckily they re-aired it here the next morning and I watched it while knitting on my Ravelympics project.

Hope you are having a great weekend Tina!!

Jenny Girl said...

Good luck in you competition.
I will be trying to knit my FBL without messing up. Haven't been too successful so far.
Enjoy the games!