Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Horrid photo---- Sweet bag

The photo is not at all good. Sorry about that, dark, late, rush. Never a great combination! It was sent to me as a giftie, a hug from afar! I actually 'won' it on friend Sharon's blog! Well, even if the photo is not cute, the bag surely is and I'm most appreciative------ thanks Sharon! The best news is that Sharon and her hubby are moving HERE, just outside of St. Louis to be accurate and within 45 minutes of me! I've already told her that I'm putting on the teapot and teaching her quilting butt to KNIT!!!!!!!!!!! How great is that????

The studio is a bit mad at the moment, getting back from back to back wedding shows means putting away and cleaning up. It is sort of like coming home from vacation with dirty laundry--- never good. And while one website is done, the other has only just been started so things will be kind of intense again for awhile.

I haven't gotten much further on Wisteria and I would so like to. Maybe tonight I can sit and watch the Democrats for awhile and knit away.

Has anyone thought about that? The Olympics are just over and the Democratic and Republican conventions are televised on it's heels. It is almost like--------- hey, watch this, who gets the gold, who cheated at the events and who can win the viewers over with style, grace and charm????

I'm all about the charm!

Above is my "medal" from the Ravely knitting Olympics. I am completely excited over it, perhaps the pin I've ordered that commemorates the first annual ravelympics should be worn on the collar?

I'm saving the photo of my NEW BAG from Green Mountain for later. It is GORGEOUS SMORGEOUS------ and I can't wait to prance it to knitting group this Sunday. Surely it will make Wisteria even more fun to knit???


yoel said...

Woohoo! You're a winner!! No question, you should definitely wear your pin around *all the time*. Everyone needs some knitting flair!

Red Geranium Cottage said...

I'm glad you bag made it to MO!! I expect to see you wearing it with pride when I show up there in my big moving truck!!! And that tea best be ready cause my needles are hot!!!