Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Chit Chat No Knit

photo RAC Public Art

We had the opportunity to attend the St. L*ouis M*agazine's S*oiree last evening, held to launch their latest issue. I have to say we had a fabulous time, it was so nice to be able to connect with old friends and vendors and meet new people as well. Normally, I absolutely hate events like that---- bad food, people trying to be something they are not, and the endless chit chat that goes on forever when I could be home in my jammies knitting or something! Perhaps it was the wonderful venue, or maybe the free wine I'm not sure---- what a nice night! The wine was indeed provided by a vendor, and while not my favorite certainly not in the category of swill or anything. I confess to having enjoyed 3 glasses so how bad could it have been? The food was provided by two local caterers and on the table were skewers of ripe cherry tomatoes and fresh mozzarella, one large shrimp in a shotglass of a spicy tomato bisque rimmed with pepper (fabulous), a little turnover of sorts stuffed with black beans and potatoes with a mint coulee, and my favorite of the evening an outstanding and wonderfully garlicky white gazpacho. Nothing like a little nosh to soak up a bit of booze.

The best part (for me, the history freak) was that it was held at the Old Post Office here in St. Louis. The building is nothing short of spectacular and showcases an enormous sculpture in the center atrium. (photo above) This extraordinary work is "Peace and Vigilance" by Daniel Chester French one of the most notable of American sculptors. Begun in 1879 and completed in 1882, then sent to Philadelphia to be taken from the mockup to the final magnificent piece it was shipped by rail to St. Louis. Initially the original was outside of the Old Post Office until 1990 when the entire building was rescued. The statue was recreated and the 'new' statue is now outside with the restored original hanging inside the structure. It is incredible, as is the entire building itself, a real must see in St. Louis. There is a nice museum about the restoration on the second floor of the building if you are into that sort of thing. The sculptor created this piece and went on to become very well known, among his creations is Lincoln at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington D.C.

In the no rest for the weary category is the report that at soiree's end, there was no jammies and no home. Certainly no knitting. We met family at dinner, late dinner that is, and paid the check. Sigh. It is Wednesday and Liesl is getting no closer to completion. I am in fact my own worst critic!

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Jenny Girl said...

I love looking at sculptures. The carving is just amazing.
Glad you had a nice night out!