Thursday, May 22, 2008

rms came calling

The peonies are in bloom................ spectacularly beautiful! I was afraid they might burst into bloom when I was out of town, thankfully they waited. I have three varieties, this is their 4th spring and they get better every year! The ruffled white ones are shown above, gorgeous aren't they? I like the ruffled ones the best I think.

The pink ones are ruffled and not ruffled, the 'flat' ones are shown here. The color is incredible!

If it stops raining I can plant yesterday's nursery haul, a hosta, an azalea, some coleus, variegated marigolds and a couple annuals of some sort of lovely gold spiky-ness! Yes, more rain. If April showers bring May flowers, what do all of these May showers bring?

I don't know what is better, what could possibly EVER be better than playing hooky from the studio (well, pushing back the work a bit), knitting with the time off, or having a knit-friend over! A knitter play date as it were! All combined is best of course so that is what I did.

rms, great local knitter to us all---- came by at around 11 for what I like to think of as a good knitterly kick in the pants, delivered to me for Twilight, my long languishing Two at a Time Socks. I was such a wussy girl I actually laid in a lifeline when it came time to do heel flaps. Why I have no idea, they are heel flaps after all and no real big deal. But I felt better doing so. Now I know I am just a really big dork. So we managed to knit a bit (I am almost done with my heel flap actually, who knows what fear will be inspired when it is time to turn them!), eat a grilled cheese sandwich (about all I could scare up), gossip a tad and talk a bit of Ravelry. I love me some Ravelry but just don't get on as much as I would like and knew I didn't know all the tricks. Who better to show me? Lessons taken! Thanks R! I had a really great afternoon, next time better than grilled cheese for sure!

I just have to get these bloody socks off the needles------------- better take my own advise and get knittin!

My cousin (the 'other' cousin) in Wichita and I had lunch on my way out of town last week. Because she is on the other side of gastric bypass and quite skinny now, I always call her a skinny 'b' and she enjoys the compliment. Her gift to me over lunch was this book, more as she says for the laugh factor than the book itself although she thought it looked funny. Okay, so I gave it a quick read. First off, it is a 'diet' book, but one which eschews all things un-vegan, un-healthy, and does so in a rather off-putting manner. I could be a vegan I think with plenty of cash to spend on fresh lovely groceries, and might be able to ignore the call of the hamburger as well if there were other good options. What was shocking was the language in the book. Mind you, I can cuss like a sailor if called upon or if it is absolutely necessary, but the text in the book was beyond shock value, it was just way over the top. The title IS great.......... and being a skinny 'b' would be delightful. It would more than likely start with a good book and a kinder and gentler approach! Do I have to give up all good things to do so? Yeah, probably.



yoel said...

Oh, your peonies are breathtaking. I think everyone likes the floofy type more than the flat kind, but if a peony of any kind grew in my garden I'd be ecstatic!

So how are those socks coming along :) ?

Melissa Morgan-Oakes said...

So which ones will you cast on after Twilight? ; )

Your peonies are beautiful. I think we're getting a "goodish" camera, so I can eventually shoot my peonies and my lilacs. Nikon d40? Comes with an 18-55 and a 55-?? then added on fun things like a flash and a light tent so I can shoot socks and things, and a lovely bag to carry it all in. Can't get until first advance check for book 2 comes (whine!!). My photographer is going back to her parents in PA (double whine!). I can't afford a "real" photog. I have much to learn. Somehow I sense this is not my Konica from'll be the equivalent of your socks for me.

jen duncan said...

Hey Tina! Beautiful flowers. :-)
Thanks for the book review. Go rent Fast Food Nation (I caught it on HBO) You will probably never buy another fast food burger again!