Friday, May 30, 2008

Freshly Squeezed Post It's

Yesterday was a long day, not a single bride on the schedule but instead CHILDREN!!! Believe me when I tell you that there is not a lot of common ground in photographing brides vs. children. You would think so, but really, not so much! Wrangling children is quite different, although 5 of them were all wearing frilly white dresses. First Communion portraits........... sweet as pie little girls! That is the similar piece, you can take a woman of any age who is misbehaving and driving those around her wild, put her in a frothy white dress and a few well placed accessories----- voila, a changed female! Thankfully for the sessions we were outside and for a change the weather was not raining and actually quite glorious. Once the day was over and with a quick stop back by the studio to package a few things I couldn't get home fast enough.

While the dogs ate, I enjoyed a glass of wine on the back porch...............ahhhhhhh.

I literally forced myself to pick up the gusset stitches on "Twilight" so my socks are now ready to work the gusset decreases and then sail on down the foot to the toe. Woo Hoo. They should be done by Christmas. (2009). Actually, I'm very excited that even with my willful dragging of my feet, these socks are bathed in the glow of the light at the end of the tunnel.

The sewing room called, a wonderful project beckoned. Something simple, beautifully colored, a happy near immediate gratification quilted table runner.

The fabrics are all by Sandy Gervais, the "Fresh Squeezed" collection. LOVE the colors, you can't get happier! And the mix of florals and stripes, polka dots and prints, delish. In a runner project simple enough for anyone, I cut 2 inch strips from my collection of fat quarters.

I cut a runner, sized for my table plus a bit of width and length to trim later, and topped that with a cut to match layer of thin, cotton batting. Marking a line in the center, I'm working my way out from center, alternating sides, strip by strip. When finished, it will be already quilted!

Normally, for a larger quilt I'd just reach down into a bag filled with 'tossed strips' and put them together in happy circumstance. For this runner, I'm auditioning each strip as I go. Since it is a runner I want to have a little more control of the final outcome.

It's coming along and I can't wait to get it on the table! Thankfully, with a huge wedding on the schedule tomorrow I can take the afternoon off, throw open the windows and listen to my favorite sound- that of my sewing machine stitching away!

After yesterday's post with the photo taken from the wedding last week, the KEEP OUT sign for quilters, my knitter friend Yo-El told me she really got a kick out of it........... and I know by comments and emails, many of you did. Well Yo-El (in a great burst of procrastinating creativity) actually MADE custom post-it notes! Her plan is to plaster them in strategic locations. Fabulous idea!!! Check her blog out today, she has the note below featured along with another hilarious post-it!

And she is sharing with me! Is that the cutest little sticky ever???? I love it and can't wait to get mine! Thanks Yo-El!

My only fear is that I will soon run out of their sticky goodness, I'd be tempted to put them all over the house!!!!!!!


Melissa Morgan-Oakes said...

I love that fabric?!

Anonymous said...

Cute! I just bought some of that fabric on total impulse. The colors are irresistible, and it made me long for summer to finally get here in the NW.

yoel said...

Hee! I love that runner! Just so you know, my dining room walls are orange. Hint hint nudge nudge....

Red Geranium Cottage said...

Tina, I love that freshed squeezed fabric. It's soo happy isnt it? Funny sign too by the way.