Thursday, May 8, 2008

Singing the Rain Blues

The garden and lawn are no doubt thrilled to have MORE rain falling, over two inches in the last couple of days, and endless deluge of rain that has me screaming------- I'm just really not over the moon over the whole thing. The chives have those lovely little blossoms on them, don't you love those? I can't believe it, normally at this time of year they are not this far along. Good fertilizer and rain! All of the herbs in the herb garden are doing wonderfully with the exception of the basil and rosemary who declined to make a comeback appearance even though all of their other neighbors volunteered happily. I've purchased little pots of both but need a break in the weather to get them in the ground.

While I was at the garden center I picked up some gerbera daisies, some pink and red geraniums, some spikes and springerle and some wildflower seeds. I'll upload pics when they have settled into their new digs. Pun thoroughly intended.

Other than knitting away on that last sleeve of Cable Luxe and about 5 inches done on it, I've puttered a teensy bit on the log cabin whateveritwillbe. I took the afternoon yesterday to spend some time in the sewing room. I finished a 'mockup' pair of my vintage palazzo pants pattern. With a tiny tweak it works very well as today's wide leg pants. The first pair was made in a black background fabric with large coral and taupe flowers (I bought it in Hawaii some time ago, it is well aged stash). The fabric had a narrow border on it that I cut as the pants hem. Anyway, the pants actually turned out well enough that I think with a coral top I might wear them! Another pair is in the works and almost done in a chocolate brown with a turquoise polka dot. Very cute. Photos to come!

I need a good day of sun to catch up on the yard and garden, doggone grass needs to be mowed again (sigh) and the plants need to be tucked into the ground. And I'd like to finish up in the sewing room and actually move onto the machine quilting on the quilt that has been languishing forever there.

I need more time!!!!!!!! What I really need is to be a trust fund baby!


yoel said...

I second you about the trust fund!

Your chives look beautiful! I heard that the flowers are edible. At least, they'll look pretty on the plate.

Put up a picture of the pants!

Melissa Morgan-Oakes said...

I love gerbera daisies. We've been digging here but it's all veg. I will eventually bow to pansies, which I HAVE to have, and maybe some more food - I need more rhubarb.

I need a better camera, and...

Since trust fund is too late, what I really need is a winning lottery ticket, but not the $10 kind.

jen duncan said...

The pants sound great! You'll get it all done. And just think; if you WERE a trust fund baby, we wouldn't get to see great pics of brides knitting and skateboarding! (love those) ;-)

Lola said...

I've never had any luck growing rosemaries in pots. One year I finally decided to just stick a couple of plants in the ground and let these fend for themselves. Now I have huge rosemaries in the front. Going to take a picture of these - as soon a the rain stops falling.

In the backyard, I have a rosemary that I planted there last year, I think.