Friday, December 28, 2007

It's Time

The worst thing about Christmas being over is that it all needs to be put away. What took days of dragging and hauling and puttering and plugging, sorting and shining, fluffing and nudging--- well it seems to come down in a matter of hours. Not soon enough mind you, but definitely faster than when it went up. Why is that??

So today, it is time to gingerly begin to get back to it. Not (thank heavens) full time nose to the grindstone but start to do more than sit on my rapidly expanding backside and knit. I do have to mention that I am very, VERY good at butt sitting in my jammies while knitting and sipping tea and the occasionally imported Peppermint White Chocolate Mocha. I ventured out yesterday to pick up a birthday card and some supplies at Target (which happens to be across the street from Starbucks) and I felt like a mole leaving the tunnel!

Yesterday was Miss Thang's birthday---- yes, it is less than fabulous to have a birthday two days after Christmas but I'm sure less than it was back in the day. We ended the day at a fabulous dinner featuring way too much food and everything was completely delicious!

This does bring me to what is on the schedule today. (Heavy sigh for emphasis). Our weather has that little bubble of the end of rain and before it gets snot freezin' cold so the outside lights come down and get packed away. I'll gather all of the decs from upstairs (to include 4 trees) and stage them in the guest room to be completely packed off tomorrow. The hardest thing I'll do today is get back to the gym. Blech and phooey, in addition to wishing I were a trust fund child I do wish that being naturally thin was one of my attributes. It will be a good time to catch up on the last podcasts on my iPod however, besides Stash and Burn's great Holiday Surprise, I am a bit behind.

Fear not however! There WILL be knitting. Not as much as December 26th to be sure-- but there will be working on my new project. Crimson Purl, you were right! It is the Cable Luxe Tunic and so far it has been a lot of fun to work on. The sweater starts by knitting the yoke which when blocked out would be about 5 inches or so of a twining cable. My size requires 52 inches of this panel and I've just turned the corner on inch 34. From there markers are placed and the sweater and sleeves grow downward. I know I'll feel as if I am really making progress when I can see something other than what looks like a very, very long headband!

Naturally, I'm not even done with the yoke and already thinking, when will I get to knit Manon? And how about projects a-f that I'm already lusting after?

Yes, bring on the trust fund please. And someone to put all of this stuff away----

Still can't quite bring myself to take down the Knitting Contrisstmas banner, maybe that will wait until all of the decs are put away or the first of the year.

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Virtuous said...


I have the pattern over here for months now! I so plan to knit this in 2008 so I will be reading your notes intently!! (hint hint Haha)

Enjoy your weekend!