Monday, February 25, 2008

Workin' the Red Carpet

Last night was the Academy Awards in Hollywood, that means it must be time for the annual dishing of the Red Carpet!! Red dresses were the big buzz on the red carpet, it's my favorite color so I loved them all. Well, almost all.

You pretty much have to start off with George Clooney who always looks really and truly great. All men everywhere....... you should look this good when you are George's age. No kidding.

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Below is Clooney with his girlfriend Sarah Larson. What's up with that? My other eyebrow raised when I saw her dress, pretty blah if you ask me. Which you didn't.

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John travolta and his wife Kelly Preston looked very new Hollywood, didn't they??? He always looks great, much of that being his nice guy persona of course. Kelly looked fabulous in that dress, she was a standout if for no other reason the color of her dress----wow!

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Renee Zellweger. Ahem. The dress was okay----- although I found it a bit blah with all of the strong colors and designer vavoom on the red carpet. And she was just too doggone thin, wayyyyy to thin. Yes, I do believe there is such a thing! What really got me was the hair. What WAS she thinking? Mussy has it's place, many of the stars had hair that was definitely far from hair spray perfect! She just didn't make it work, just my opinion -- I could be wrong! Renee, you really should have some of my Bugles, it just might add a little much needed roundness! I wish I could give you some of mine, but alas..............

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Marion Cotillard wore one of my favorite dresses of the evening, she was magnificent! Her mermaid dress was by
Jean Paul Gaultier Couture, truly lovely. To my way of thinking, she wore the dress not the other way around. Old Hollywood with a fresh new spin.

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Heidi Klum in Galliano------ what a gorgeous dress! Her hair was stunning, the gown was wonderful, she just looked really great! She and hubby Seal looked absolutely fabulous on the red carpet----- regal even! Heidi is donating her dress and you can enter to win it HERE. I would love to win this dress. It would fit one of my legs. Now mind you, it would be tight but I'd by jiggy wear it!!!!!

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What can you say about Katherine Heigle? Beautiful, charming, bubbly, adorable! Her (also) red dress was Escada and magnificent. No newlywed weight gain for her!

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If you don't lovelove love loooooooooooove Diablo Cody and HER story, you are sleeping at the wheel! Nevermind that she is a former stripper, nevermind that eye popping tattoo, her earrings were tres chic and that leopard dress? Only Diablo could have pulled it off. (We won't mention that walking up the stairs to the stage as well as exiting after accepting her award was less than glamorous--- yikes!) Once again, talent rules and being less than the 'normal' beauty can indeed work. (Note to Nell: No, you can't have this tattoo. I'm serious.)

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I worked my own personal Sunday Red Carpet in my jammies. RED of course! A lot of snacking to include some pizza and M&M's---- and a Bugle or two. In my defense, I did work on a contract and some website work in the morning, but most of the day was blissfully wallow-ish.

I've hit a temporary snafu in the knitting department! With only a few inches left of sleeve one of Cable Luxe when using the Dirter to wind a fresh ball of yarn, that stupid yarn made the biggest mess EVER. In my frustration I threw it across the room, where it stays today. At some point I'll try to straighten out the mess but it isn't going to be pretty in the least!

Then again? Life is frequently messy.................. n'est pas?


Jenny Girl said...

I just heard the story today about Diablo, and was impressed. Good for her you know?
All of these women look absolutely stunning as usual. But I agree Zellwegger is too thin. Meat on the bone is not a bad thing :)

Jenni said...

Renee is WAY to skinny!