Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Fat Super Tuesday

It's no secret that I've been less than vigilant with working out during the winter months. With a nod to those that live in REALLY cold climates, I don't like to walk in the cold that has surrounded me over the past couple of months. Getting into the car and driving 20 minutes to the gym, waiting for machines that I can only use for 3o minutes, and then driving home does not instill enthusiasm.

How then can I not be ALL ABOUT any day of the week that is called FAT TUESDAY???? The one day of a year when decadence is celebrated, eating and drinking too much is encouraged..... if you could add a nice long nap into the equation it would be just about the perfect day! The theme of Mardi Gras might be "laissez les bon temps roulez" (let the good times roll), but the theme of Fat Tuesday must certainly be "belly up to the trough and stuff yo' face!". Or something like it!

I'm in!

In the mail yesterday was an invitation for the civil union of friends who live in New Jersey.

Check it out! Every little element was hand made----- all of the little flowers and beads and rhinestones..... all handplaced. Pretty cute! I don't care what we're talking about, homemade is best!

I understand the religious heritage of Fat Tuesday, and although my faith background does not include the fasting between Ash Wednesday and Easter it certainly does make sense. I'll be celebrating the day anyway, in my own fashion.

Some FT Highlights:
  • Krispy Kreme doughnuts (just because)
  • Maple French Toast Latte from QuikTrip (a super sized cup for less than $1.50, woo hoo)
  • Tater Tots (because I sadly dream of them)
  • Philly Cheesesteak
I think of it as energy for voting---- I'll walk to my polling place, that three blocks will burn off at least three doughnuts, right? Sitting at my desk in the studio should burn off the latte quite easily and taking my Bernina to the doctor will dispense with the Tots.

I'm declaring Fat Super Tuesday! Now that I can get behind (and unless I get back to the gym I have more behind to get behind with!)

I only hope that I won't get crumbs on my yarn......


Lolly said...

I totally forgot about Fat Tuesday! yeah, maybe this calls for a little *cheat* :)

walking to the polls is a good exercise! my state doesn't vot till next week :(

Bari said...

I'm in! Where's the nearest Krispie Kreme?

cinnamongirl93 said...

Ah....Krispy Kreme doughnuts one of my all time fav's! Only when the light is on!!! Our closest KK is about 35 miles away! I hope you had a few for me!!!!P.S. I heard that on FT food has no fat or calories count! Pretty cool!! Enjoy your knitting!

Rachel said...

Mmm, tater tots! Always a good way to celebrate any Tuesday. I can't find your email address to thank you for the great comments you have been leaving in my blog. So, thanks! :)