Friday, February 1, 2008

Love is a Big Ole' Snowball

Good gravy Miss Avy----- I woke up at 6:30 thinking that maybe Jesus was coming back because it was blindingly light outside! At second breath and with both eyes open I realized that the snow was over and the reflection made it super white outside! Over 8 inches of snow, which is a big whompin' lot for St. Louis to be sure.

What a GREAT day for a Snow Day! Oh crap on toast, on second thought someone needs to shovel the back and quick----- the dogs will fall in over their heads in the backyard and heaven knows they have a hard enough time pooping on warm dry lawn! As I mentioned before (not that I'm cranky about it or anything) I am the designated shoveler so I started shoveling my way out the back door and toward the back gate. The snow was wet and heavy, and well, there was just a lot of it! I even shoveled a little patch of poopable grass, not that it turned out being at all useful to my canine loves. Then to the front I went, shoveling a path to the car which I started and let warm up while I worked on snow removal in the front of the house. It was about at this point in time that I discovered that I had left my gloves as well as the long handled snow brush and ice scraper in the house. Oh well, no way I was going to track snow inside so I made do. If you have never seen a woman (wearing a GREAT handknit cabled Malabrigo hat) remove snow from an SUV with a snow shovel you have not lived. Somewhere along the line the driver side windshield wiper bit the dust, I swear I have no idea how it happened.

Once the snow had been dealt with I had just enough time for a ripping plate of homemade pancakes and hot maple syrup before heading out for Snow Engagement Sessions. Most of our brides want our uber cool photo guest books using pics from four seasons of engagement sessions and winter ones are so much fun = especially with snow.

All of our couples really had a great time and got into the playful spirit of the day!

Not one single person grouched about getting snowy!

And snowy they got...........

And smiled at the end of it all!

I had a bit of a rip fest last night with Cable Luxe------- it's all back on track now and the errant cable straightened out but I hate to do that more than anything! I especially don't like ripping back a whole section of cable and rebuilding, but it's done and maybe after a late night of work I'll get to the cruise point again.

Thanks for so many great suggestions for my new bags' fabric! I have to say, the Japanese print has been the favorite! I may have to include a BIT of the leopard somehow if I go that route!

My toes are still numb! Happy Friday!


dana said...

don't you just love a snowy day? everything is so clean and beautiful. here its brown, brown, brown.

i think i will make some waffles...

Gramma Phyl said...

I haven't seen a women clearing a car with a snow shovel because I'm the woman with the shovel cleaning off my minivan. Living on the shore of Lake Ontario in Upstate NY means I do it quite often. Usually I do use a snow brush, but if I come out to clear the walk and forget the car keys I just use the shovel. Might as well use some of the non-existant sun to melt the ice under to snow on the windshield and roof.

Jenny Girl said...

We got nothing but torrential down pours of rain in Philly. I'm sure you are sick of snow, but my friends and I are a little jealous. We have had no snow this year :(

Snow does make for nice pix though. How cute!