Friday, February 29, 2008


Okay, the title of the blogpost is LEAPING, and to be perfectly honest, I am not leaping in any stretch of the imagination! I did hop a little when I brought my Bernina home, plugged her in and noticed that she purred like a kitten. A big ole' leopard kitten wanting to get to work on the projects at hand in the sewing room. I can't wait.

Life however, has (as always) intervened. My partner's Mom is requiring quite a bit of tlc in her home bound post knee surgery state of affairs. I happily hop (not leap mind you-- hop) to her requests as frankly, when I am an old broad stuck in my house after a surgical proceedure done because my body is just old and wearing the heck right out--- I want someone to come in and look after me. Yesterday's requests came when I was heading home from the studio hoping to have a nice glass of red and a light dinner and head up to the sewing room. It sort of cracks me up that her pleading (in that 4 year old little girl voice that somehow all old broads take on when under duress) was for a box of brown sugar cinnamon Pop Tarts, some blueberry muffins, some cottage cheese, and maybe more of those yummy crackers I brought over last time. You know, the ones that the rest of the world not trying to make it on social security or pension can buy, not the store brand!!! I happily brought her all of those gourmet treats and more, having a nice visit.

The whole Pop Tarts thing always makes me laugh! Do you remember the age of flaming Pop Tart Toasters or Pop Tart Humor? I suppose it is quite telling that I find it amusing!

The amazing thing to me is that apparently those fine creative folks at Pop Tarts have discovered yet another incredibly delicious treat------- FROZEN POP TARTS. Frozen, Pop Tarts, can you even imagine that? My stomach does a barrel roll at the thought of a chocolate Pop Tart from the toaster much less a frozen one.

Because I am a Google freak, the subject of Pop Tarts piqued my curiosity. GET THIS---- this guy has an actual article on the Internet about how to create a torch using your toaster and two strawberry Pop Tarts, based on the article about the same by Dave Barry. This is FUNNY stuff and I urge you to take a peek at this, really--- it is hilarious. (Then again, as we all know I am easily amused). The author of this article is a sick man, and I am sicker still to be laughing quite some time after reading the article, thanks Patrick.

If you still have not had enough breakfast pastry inspired laughter for the day, please find your way over to If you are language sensitive or a big Hello Kitty or Colin Farrel fan I would quickly turn you away gentle reader. If you scroll down a few entries however, I can recommend the K Fed Pop Tart Rap.

Long story short........... I love the Internet, other people's blogs absolutely fascinate me, and we as a nation are pretty funny people. I still don't eat Pop Tarts, add an extra "o" and you'll know what I really call them, and I'm waiting to hear your stories about PT's.

Levity aside---- the universe always smiles on kindness I tell you because just as I was leaving the call came to stop at my favorite neighborhood watering hole for a few FatTires and some munchies. By the time I left I was mellow, smiling and full of appetizery goodness.

I'll be working a half day today, which means that in a very short hour I can work my way toward home, I can hear the Bernina call my name in the lonely sewing room!

On the knitting front, that first sleeve of Cable Luxe is still plodding along a row at a time, I have seriously lost all interest in a sweater I will more than likely never wear this season and the charcoal heather gray color just makes me cranky. Socks? Still in the same place they were last week, maybe knit group this Sunday will get me out of the slump.

Happy Friday!


PamKittyMorning said...

I always wished for things like pop tarts as a kid. And wonder bread. Darn it mom and your homemade bread.

Google the toaster oracle.. its pretty funny. Now off to hear a pop tart rap.

cinnamongirl93 said...

We never got pop tarts either as kids! I also love the brown sugar ones! Too bad I'm on this no sugar or white flour thing! Isn't it nice to make someones day with such simple kindness! Keep it up! It's good for the soul. BTW my co-worker age 65 just had her knee replaced a week ago. Tomorrow I'm bringing her all kinds of goodies. Homemade lasagna, potato and leek soup, sandwiches and lots of extra chocolate brownies! Happy knitting and sewing!!!!!

Virtuous said...

How about I just bought some Pop Tarts the other day and haven't done that in ages!!!!!

I used to eat them all the time as a child. Must be toasted broken into a million pieces to be dunked in milk...MMMMMMhhhh That is how I still eat it to this day!! :oD

@ Cable Luxe...look at it this will definitely be a FAB sweater waiting to be showed off this October!! Same year!! YAH!!

Have a great weekend Tina!

melissaknits said...

The only time my husband ever came home from work sick (he will sit in that cube and DIE first) he staggered off to bed. He's never sick, so it scared me a little. I said "Can I get you anything?" he mumbled "Pop-Tarts. I wanna strawberry Pop-Tart, n' orange juice."

I was not allowed to have them as a kid.

dana said...

i am so happy you have your sewing machine back. bernina, what a lucky girl. please, please,please share with us what you make!

also, great brownie points on the food delivery. having recently been on the receiving end of this type of help, i can say that we REALLY appreciate it!

She'sSewPretty said...

My MIL loves pop tarts. She had hip surgery and is now climbing small hills. My mom had hip surgery, doesn't like pop tarts, lives with me and drives me nuts. I know what you mean about the 4 year old voice. Maybe I need to get her interested in Pop Tarts.