Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Too Pooped 2

It's true. I'm too pooped to do much of anything. To admit to being less than absolutely exhausted would be copping to a lesser plea, because I am.

The great news is that my partner's Mom had her knee surgery today and she came through with flying colors. We had warnings of a major ice storm with 2-4 inches of snow yesterday and she hit a case of the Crazy Old Lady Syndrome! Poor baby, I know because I have seen it in action. My own Mother was a card carrying member of COLS before her death, and I miss her still! Heckfire, I've seen it enough to either be very good at it when I am a crazy old lady or promise never in a bazoombayillion years to do that to my kids! She just hit the freak out button. Pushed that bright red flashing sucker to the floor------ I think all the horns went off---- freak out, freak out in process----woop woop woop. Whereas days before she refused to come to our home the night before her surgery, she acquiesced yesterday. Thankfully the weather didn't amount to much of anything at all so she was here in time for dinner, some coffee, a few laughs, a hug or two and a nice tuck into bed up to her ears with a couple of my finest quilts. For some reason, I have not the foggiest, I could not sleep for beans and was up until 2:30. When the alarm went off at 4:45 I was not entirely ready to face the day. But up we charged, and got to the hospital at 6:20. We discovered chapter 2 verse 4 of the Crazy Old Lady syndrome was that she really didn't have to be there until 7:45. Ack. Regardless, surgery is over and she is quite wonderful for a crazy old lady hours from general anesthesia. I think the morphine drip helps.

During the miles of waiting I have managed a Major Cheat (or a Colonel Cheat???) with my "2 At A Time Socks"------ I have both of them knit to their prescribed two inches of ribbing and threaded onto the long cable as per instructions. Forgive me Melissa, I still plan on my own very personal lesson to figure out the fiddly bits at the beginning of the process, really I am. I think I can fly it from here. I hope. I figure if knitters can take the general idea of magic loop or two socks on a magic loop and give it their final tweak of knitterly glory----- then to get it started on dpn's and loop it up may just be my touch. So far so good. I'm loving the way the yarn is working up but for the moment am just too dorkasmorgeous tired to haul out the camera for pics to date.

I also (thank you Cat Bordhi, bless your brilliance and then some!) am moving again on Coriolus after a bit of a head scratching pause. What a cool pattern! As usual, the problem comes when I overthink a Bordhi pattern------ you just can't do that, not at all. What may not make sense to my overly pointy little pea brain does to the fine Knitter that is all things Cat.

With that I have returned from round one at the hospital via a stop for a burger, been home to feed the dogs and have a bit of an email check before heading back out.

Too pooped 2 knit.................

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melissaknits said...

I have a secret. Sometimes I tell certain students about a special cheat. I won't share it here...too public. But if I can let them do that I am pretty sure it's OK if you put 2" cuffs on your needles and go from there!