Wednesday, February 20, 2008

What I REALLY want...

We are busy, all of us individually---- BUSY! I'm up to my ears trying to get the monster called work stuffed back into it's place and for the most part making a good run of it.

Because I live in front of my computer, checking and dealing with a mountain of email is my life. Like it or not (and many days it is the latter!) I am bloody sick and tired of the crapsnickle, junkdookie, and ugly dang near p.orn in my spam filter and overflow into my actual inbox! I am absolutely furious. What I want is emails that say something like:

  • Fabulous yarn for you, really it is beautiful, have some please!
  • This fabric is the most gorgeous you have ever seen and felt!
  • Would you like to make an amazing quilt in your spare time that you will love?
  • Knitters attention, this wonderful pattern for a spring t is exactly what you have been looking for!
  • Don't miss this stash enhancement!
  • Have you wanted the most pleasurable knitting EVER?
Instead of the really stupid, time wasting and patently offensive stuff that promises to make my se.xual pleasure greater or my p.enis harder and happier. Seriously! My MOTHER has an email account for pete sake----- CHILDREN get that nasty stuff. It just smokes my trout in a very big way.

On another note, (thankfully) I seem to have misplaced TIME rather profoundly. It finally occurred to me that it was actually the 20th of February and I really should take down my Valentine's Day wall quilt. It is probably one of the most super simple seasonals I have but still enjoy putting in out each year. The hearts on each fabric square are purchased ecru lace hearts, the white lace embellishment in the center was created on my Bernina from white Sulky and a ton of wash-a-way stabilizer. While admitting to being mentally challenged these days I do believe if I trust my mind (and that will scare you in a big way) it was from the "Latte Quilt" book that was so big several years back.

So........................... where IS my sewing machine anyway? I'm just hoping that the length of time away is not indicative of the size of the bill.

Not much knitting happening------ or sewing either since I am sans machine, other than the antiques whose job it is to merely sit there and look pretty. Like me-- (haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!) I'm actually trying to read "A New Earth" by Ekhart Tolle, along with the rest of the world. That Oprah----- whatta gal. Being the dutiful student I am at it with my little flag highlighter/marker, which I do admit is pretty cool. The book? So far an interesting read and I know this for sure, it will push boundaries and cause each reader to come up against what they believe, what is truth, and where they sit with those really Big Questions.

So far.............. so good. I am really looking forward to Oprah's world-wide classroom event about this book. If nothing else the technological marvel of that is quite something!

My other bip (book in progress) is the latest from Stephen King, "Duma Key".

I'm not a 'scary book/movie' kind of girl at all, don't really care for them if the truth is told. I do absolutely LOVE the way Stephen King writes, he is masterful at his craft of words. I'm maybe 100 pages or so in and so far nothing that would keep me up at night, but I'm sure that might possibly change. I'm still in deep sorrow that his "Gunslinger" series has wrapped after many years and many books, that is for my money the finest series of books ever written. The tales grab you, hold you and push your boundaries like no other for me.

Thankfully there is no 'rithmetic in my reading and writing these days, that would be a deal breaker for sure!

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Jenni said...

You should see the spam I get at work...and I teach at a church school...ugh.

Wouldn't yarn spam be great?