Monday, November 15, 2010

Black Tie & Fish Eye

Okay. So we had to go to a black tie gala. I felt REALLY old most of the evening------ and confirmed what I already knew about myself. Instead of partying until all hours I would have rather have been at home by 9 knitting than watching those around me get, well outside of some alcohol.

While the photo makes me look a little trashed I remain ever emphatic that I did only have two glasses of wine and an after hours beer. The fish eye makes me look like a wild machine. Which I am not. Usually anyway.

Instead I remained a great sport, encouraged those around me who work really hard all year long to let their hair down (I give you exhibit a) and tried not to let anyone drive home in the bag.

We left at 11 and ended up closing a crazy bar at 3. I applauded to karaoke--- served cocktails, smiled and laughed and was a stand up broad. I was puked on about 1:45, that was kind of nasty as my purple satin skirt was unceremoniously "grazed" by the incident------ two people had to have cabs called. I do NOT do jaggerbombs and was able to quietly hide the foul tasting offender so graciously offered. When someone's lighter landed in said barf---- I did not jump to extricate, no matter the caretaker and smiling queen role had been assumed. Sorry, ain't happenin'.

I arrived home feeling like the pumpkin coach must be parked somewhere, absolutely exhausted, was in bed by 4 and wondered when I became unable to Party Hearty. I can still party with people mostly young enough to be my, well we will leave it at that. But I sure don't enjoy it as much.

What I did enjoy was waking up this morning at 8. A very late start for me but regardless, outside of being a little weary I did not wake up with my head in the potty as I'm sure many did. All things considered it was fun, and definitely outside the box for me----- these things keep you fresh they say? Maybe.

Maybe this old broad will get some knitting done later on. Just call me the Sage Crone! ;)


PamKittyMorning said...

Wow you're a trouper!

Anonymous said...
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