Friday, September 17, 2010

Beyond Tired & Some Knitting

Good grief I'm tired! The studio is moving------ very exciting to be sure but MAN what a lot of work! The nasty carpeting was removed and gorgeous olivewood floors were laid. The entire 2400 square feet of remarkable space had to be painted. (Yes, more painting for me). Then everything had to be moved over, re-set and the final styling is in progress as we speak. Looks good, but have I said how tired I am?

Some knitting has happened, this is the view of the uber simple scarf sitting on my lap out on the deck. Gorgeous yarn---- and it has proven to be (while ridiculously simple) a sanity saver.

The mondo wrap continues, the final balls of yarn are in progress now. I will knit it until the yarn has given its last gasp.

Weatherwise, its finally gorgeous, I haven't had the a/c on for two weeks. Working at the studio has meant I've missed the couple of hot days and the nights have been glorious. Perhaps fall is going to be here at last and with luck it will be beautiful.

Hope you're enjoying life on YOUR deck!

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Jenny Girl said...

These are very pretty! You always need a good easy project for those times when you can't handle anything that requires thought.