Thursday, May 7, 2009

Peaceful Stuff

How fabulous is it to get the house clean in a much shorter time, no stairs to deal with, get everything off the do me list, walk to work and take the dogs for a nice walk in the park? I think the new place is heaven, and very much home now that it is all 'done'.

The new sewing room is a wonderful and creative space that feels really GOOD. I have a couple things I'd like to run through the sewing machine pretty quick and it would be great to get the new quilt top finally bordered.

Do you remember the before? It was wall to wall boxes, the big gray double cart, the vacuum cleaner and carpet cleaner and various things stuffed there. I transported my previous space but added a few more cubbies just because. You will notice that I was savage when I pared down my fabric when I moved. The yarn stash is beyond minimal---- I need to go shopping! The table on the left of the photo folds out to cut fabric and for planning space, my sewing machine and serger are on a long table just to the right, off camera. The closet is almost finished and maximized for storage, organization and finding things easily.

My new favorite thing are the hanging shelves from C*loset M*aid. From the local big box hardware store they are under 13 dollars and don't require any hardware but just hang from the shelf above. You can hook several together and make tons of great storage! I think to date I've purchased 10 of them for use throughout the loft.
It's fair to say that at this point I have better storage than in the 'big house' and am far better organized. (The question becomes, will it last????)

I've always preferred to work in the kitchen, don't ask me why I just love it. My kitchen is finally conducive to such and the breakfast bar on the side is a great perch to toil away. It's come a LONG way too!

BEFORE (shudder) below:

and the much happier after follows

Knitting? Not much unless you count the 6 rows knocked back on the cabled cardi sleeves. Thank heavens for scheduled knitting with the girls on Tuesday night or I swear I would not have gotten that much done!

It's all good! :)


Red Geranium Cottage said...

Your making me jealous here. Love the "after" kitchen photo and your sewing space. I love the brick walls. Is your little doggy still roaming around lost?? Ours is beyond sad right now. She's very confused.
Only a week and a half!!! Cant wait.

PamKittyMorning said...

Done? You scare me. Holy cow. Looks amazing!

yoel said...

Wow!! I'm so impressed and jealous that you're done unpacking and the incredible organization.

Oh, how do you hang the top shelf?

Virtuous said...

Super Jelly!! The room is FAB!!

And the place is coming together slowly but surely! :o)

Virtuous said...

Okay for the last 2 months I've been replying to your comments from my blog to your old e-mail add (
AND have been getting rejects...I now stopped being lazy and came over here to see your new update addy! Haha! ;op

Let me make that change right now!! lol

Anonymous said...

I love the new craft space.