Monday, May 18, 2009

Something Creative in the Works!

The move almost killed me and then without warning full blown wedding season hit me hard. KerSplat. It's okay, it beats not being busy hands down!

I've longed to DO something in the sewing room besides unpack, organize and make beautiful. Not to say that this is not a very fabulous thing in its' own right!

You Know Who has been hankering for a cross body bag to haul between the house and work, a happy ten minute walk of loveliness. Because those wonderful little jump drives can take a whole weeks worth of work back and forth it wasn't necessary to make this bag haul a laptop (which causes a lot of harumphing and brow furrowing of course).

Fabric? That was tough. Nothing too plain, nothing that shows dirt, nothing too flowery, somewhat geometric, soft but not foofy. I found the perfect thing=== from the "Patisserie" collection from Joanna at Fig Tree Quilts, I used "filigree" in "frangelico" for the front and back cover of the bag---------

There is the front/back ready for some machine quilting before being cut into the separate parts.

Fig Tree has the yummiest colors, the prettiest patterns, LOVE them all!

With a loose allover stippling completed, the bag is ready to go together. I have NEVER been able to do a really big machine stipple. I quilt on my Berni*na, feed dogs down with an embroidery foot--------------- berZoop I go. Perhaps if I drove one of those big ole' quilting machines I' d get a looser pattern going. NOT, mind you, that this is a deal breaker, especially for this project. I'm just commenting on my lack of ability to do a 'hunkier' machine quilting.

The thread color is PERFECT isn't it? It was almost the cause of insanity. I had all the elements needed to make the bag. Except thread. NONE of the 'good' thread I had looked good, it was all too dark or too light. The perfect buttery color was on a spool I've had forever and a day. Because I am stubborn, I insisted on using it. Most women would have jumped in the car and gone in search of a good quality thread that matched. Not me. That stupid thread broke about a hundred-gazillion-million times on me! I was so glad that the panel I was machine quilting was not bigger.

All things considered it looks really great and I can't wait to get on with the bag!

No knitting bride from last week. There was a bride and I did manage some knitting but she was a 'difficult' thing and to be honest I did not want her cooties on my yarn.

So there!


Anonymous said...

Ewww! Cootie bride!

(love your quilted fabric. I look forward to seeing your FO.)

yoel said...

Hey lady, where's *my* purse? I love the fabric and the quilting!

Lola said...

Hypothetically, was she a candidate for Bridezilla?

Red Geranium Cottage said...

Get ready Miss Tina..........I'M ON MY WAY!!! And I need knitting lessons. YOU PROMISED.