Thursday, May 21, 2009

Familiarity Breeds Contempt

Do these look familiar?

Yes, the sleeves for Alexi. Still, yes still. The fact that they are lounging on the end table with an *O* magazine tells you that I do other things when I sit. Sometimes I just drool on myself, that is okay and can be forgiven as I'm sure you understand these brides are going to be the death of me yet!

I told you, if I didn't go knit with group on Tuesday evenings I would get NOTHING done on this cabled cardi. I'll post the pic again for you (especially you Annie) because it has been so long in the making that I've almost forgotten myself! If I was able to manage to go knit on Sunday afternoon I might have a teensy bit more to show for myself!

I'm not knitting the scarf, although it does seem quite nice. I'm telling you, if I knew I had to knit the scarf I'd jump off the roof!

Onward I knit. I've told myself that I am going to set a really SUPER easy goal for myself just to make this sweater get going, even a bit. Four rows a day. Four rows! How hard can it be? Even if both sleeves are being knit at once and are increasing as they go, FOUR ROWS!!!! It is my fervent hope that 4 rows will lead to more, but if it doesn't at least there is something.

I've strictly forbidden myself to purchase anything else to knit and I mean anything. I'm sick to bloody death of the sweater and so desperately want to knit something fresh and frothy and wonderful. I had to go to the local lys where I purchased the yarn for Alexa (Knitorious) as the last gigundo skein needed to be caked up and I was far too lazy to punish myself in this way. It was great to see Annie (who I had not seen in forever!) who caked me up with a smile and a bit of chatter. I told her that I was lusting after some new yarn for a pair of simple socks that can travel with me as I wage the bride wars. Being the good friend she is, she pointed me to one of their new acquisitions of yumminess. I had to go look in the Sock Section, had to see what she spoke of with such reverence. Because I had to shade my eyes and dash from the store quickly so I did not succumb to the lure of the yarn I can't tell you what it was! Annie, help me out! The color was delicious and it was just a tiny bit sparkly. Fabulous I tell you! I left in a hurry knowing my resistance was weak having knit the proverbial ongoing boat cover in beeeeiiiiiigggggge Eco since Christmas. Sheesh. Annie told me that she wasn't sure that they had any left as it had been selling really well and that they Tweeted it. Tweeted it! Are you freakin' kidding me? I do not Tweet nor do I read the tweetliness. I can't, simply CAN'T!!! I live on my laptop, I write what seems like a million blogs and do 3 Facebook pages in addition to everything else. I am simply techno'ed out. To add Twitter would mean that I would never sleep, and might pass out twitching and kicking.

But, I would have KNOWN about that yarn................................... And you know I'd add another addiction. I suspect I'd never manage my four rows a day.

Three to go.

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Anonymous said...

Twittering means less time for knitting.