Saturday, March 7, 2009

The interim

I have a new camera, and no blog photos. The answer is that this seems to be the interim time when one has a decent internet connection (no mean feat) married with the fact that I have two short days left of vacay. That makes me sad. In this interim I do have a few quips:

  • the weather finally got warm and is in the mid 80's--- heaven to my winter weary soul.
  • as I said on my Facebook page I am no longer the color of white t shirts directly out of the package but have a slight coloring that does look "vacation-esque".
  • the bit of work during the aforementioned vacay has gone well and been for the most part painless.
  • the new camera is small and portable and seems very nice but that sucker is not like the big Canon that's for sure. The change of viewfinder from the little peepy hole to the entire back of the camera is making me bonkers. I may be getting used to it for some time to come. The task of the first time to take photos out of her and plug them in here still looms large.
  • I'm amazed by the lack of knitting happening! Very little, although what does come off the needles is pleasurable and lovely.
  • My goal of eating enough seafood to swim home is coming along nicely. Favorite new restaurant and best fish in the world part two this evening after some beach portraits.
And I don't miss routine at all, like NONE! :) See you at home where the weather is currently most spring like. I'm counting on Mother Nature staying the course.


yoel said...

I'm glad you're getting some sun! Although, did I mention it's in the 70's in St Louis now? Hee.

yoel said...

PS - you have an award on yoelknits!

Jenny Girl said...

Glad you are getting and enjoying some sunshine. Hope the trip recharged you. And as much as we think we'll get a lot of knitting done on vacation, it never happens.

Anonymous said...

Hi Tina. Hope you have a nice rest of your vacation!
Love the new blog background. So pretty!