Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Top Shelf

New Year's Eve.................. can you believe it? The year has flown by with a speed both alarming and amazing.

My back seems to be at 80% or so, and even with two days of house guests from Florida I managed to stay off my feet, baby myself a bit and continue with the heat pads and ibuprofen. Knitting time has been far less than I had hoped during my week off (I hate it when that happens) and I've only managed about 6 inches on my sweater in progress. Actually I consider it far more wonderful that it will not become necessary to shoot me in the backyard. With a huge wedding to work this weekend (and a new knitting bride) I'm hoping for a full recovery or it is going to be a verrrrrrrry long day.

Last night we took friends to the hockey game here in St. Louis and had a great time, although the B*lues lost 4-2 to New J*ersey. It was pretty funny, I wedged myself in my seat with my feet braced on the legs of the seat in front of me to support my back and all was good. Sadly, there were no gloves thrown off for a really good hockey fight------ I do enjoy those, c'mon it is hockey after all!! The Puck Bunnies were out in full force, the one sitting next to me swilling endless beer there in her mini skirted and high heeled glory, texting endlessly and waving like an idiot the entire game toward the camera and stepping on my feet with her stilettos was not harmed. I did give it serious consideration. All in all a Top Shelf evening! If only I had a nice sharp knitting needle!!!!!! (The image that conjures up is rather delightful, isn't it?)

I hope that your New Year's Eve is wonderful! Whatever your plans I hope that you are safe, warm, and surrounded by friends and family to say goodbye to 2008 and ring in the New Year in style. I will be having tea downtown with friends in the afternoon and playing cards with friends this evening. With any luck, I'll manage to knit off a few rows in between!


Jenny Girl said...

Being a die hard Flyers fan, I hear you regarding the fake fans in the stands, and less fighting. (oh I'm sorry, did I accidentally stab you with this needle?)
You need a good hockey fight every now and then. Straightens everyone out.

Have a happy and healthy New year!

Anonymous said...

I'm spending a very quiet NYE at home with my daughter (quiet apart from the fireworks exploding outside, that is!) and she's watching a DVD while I'm surfing the Net. That's a Special Treat for both of us!
I came upon your blog for the first time, and with it the Wee Angels project. My daughter is handicapped and we spent a lot of time in hospital her first years: many children we met there have died. I am going to find out if there's a similar project in N. Germany, where we live (if anyone reading this actually KNOWS of one, please leave a message!); if not, I'm going to start one up. A good friend of mine is a midwife, she'll be sure to help me.
To you and all your readers and co-bloggers a Happy New Year from MyGorgeousDaughter and

Virtuous said...

Wishing you much JOY and good health in the New Year Tina!!

Unknown said...

Puck bunnies?!?!??! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! That's awesome.

Happy New Year!

Renée said...

Sorry about your back troubles. I hope you will improve and enjoy 2009 in good health. Just have to comment also on your beautiful tribute to your mom. What a great way of remembering her. Happy New Year!