Saturday, December 6, 2008

Knitting Contrisstmas Day 6: Martha Sacco- Green Mountain Knitting Bags

Martha, thanks for taking the time to be part of Knitting Contrisstmas--- we all really appreciate it! You know I am a BIG fan of your gorgeous knitting bags!

My pleasure. Thanks for thinking of me.

KC: Is life crazy right now for you at Green Mountain Knitting Bags? Has Santa given you a long list to fill?

Life is always crazy here...or just busy, really. The bags sell out from week to week, and the custom orders are always there. time or not, the business remains steadily the same...ok, crazy! My husband and I don’t shop for each other, which is wonderful! Takes a lot of pressure off. We focus on our kids, but they’re older. So…something fun for my sister and mom, that’s about it. I bake for my neighbors.

KC: How did you come up with the concept of GMKB? It’s crazy, a feeding frenzy of incredibly wonderful yet very traditional knitting bags------ like Etsy on crack!

It started back in the early 80’s when I wanted a bag specifically for my knitting, and couldn’t find one, save the old timers. My first bags were simple, reversible totes, and I sold them at the yarn shop where I worked. Then life got busy and I did other things, but 6 years ago I brought them back as eBay became the perfect venue, so it started for me there. I guess it really came from the fact that I love knitting, sewing and fabrics.

KC: Tell me a little about your bags, they are so fab!

I love them, really. To me it’s so nice to have a specific bag for your knitting. My customers feel the same way I do, and value their own hand work enough to keep it in something they find beautiful. Many of my customers ‘collect’ them, but use them too as there are many style/size options for different size projects. Like…the Baguette is great for socks, mittens and shawls, the mid size bags for mid size projects, and the Madison Sweater Bag for big projects (or lots and lots of smaller ones!) I love the different styles, and buying different fabrics all the time, keeping it fresh and exciting. Each one is unique and created one at a time with a lot of care. Fabrics are top quality, linings too. Love my old buttons. Love switching from a vintage floral to a wild zebra print with a hot fuchsia lining. Love having it fresh from week to week. Love the hand stitching…love finishing every bag and sitting back to smile at it. Love wondering where it will go…

KC: Do you get attached to any of them or can you just let them fly? Do you have a favorite style?

Oh I get attached, and often have a hard time letting them go. I find though that the right bag ends up with the right woman. I like all the shapes and styles (well that makes sense!) but find I use my Wendy Tote and Madison Bags the most.

KC: I know you are a knitter as well…………what is your favorite thing to knit?

I love lace knitting and enjoy cables as well. Top down sweaters are a favorite of mine, as well as mittens and shawls.

KC: It has become well known that I am the only continental knitter left on the planet these days. Does speed matter?

I’m an English knitter and am fast. But no, speed doesn’t matter, for me anyway. Enjoyment matters.

KC: Are you a process or a product knitter?

Hmmm, both. I like the process, the gathering of yarn and patterns…but do get to the goal of finished objects….(I’ve worked on that over the years).

KC: What knitwear designers most inspire you?

Hmm, I don't think much about specific designers, and couldn’t tell you who designed the patterns I like! Interesting. I tend to simply knit what I like, and what I think will look good on me. Maybe that’s why I buy my clothes at thrift shops too! That said, Elizabeth Zimmermann has inspired me to put more thought into the general construction of knitted garments, and I marvel at her no nonsense approach. I do like much of the beautiful Celtic designs from Elsebeth Lavold and love that Stefanie Japel has brought back feminine, fitted knit wear. But honestly, yarn inspires me more than designers do.

KC: Is there anything in the world of knitting that you have not done and wish to tackle?

I’ve never knit a side to side sweater…that would be fun. No, I feel like I’ve tackled what interests me most. I did take an entrelac class and didn’t care for it. I like rhythmic knitting the best.

KC: Are you a part of the Ravelry world, and if so, what is your Ravelry name?

Yes! GrMtnKnittingBags. I love Ravelry. Working from home day to day, Ravelry fills a desire for sharing ideas and just plain knitting banter. It’s the gathering of women in the virtual world….which for me works.

KC: What else do you do to feed your inner creative muse?

I like to spend a lot of time outside, in the woods and at the river….yoga is important for me too. I find when I take that time for myself, and am quiet, that my creative side stays fresh and is renewed time and time again. I’ve learned that I never know when a new style will come into my head. Something will trigger it, and I ‘see’ it…then have the joy of creating it (working from the picture in my head). Any fellow dyslexics will know what I mean.

KC: What do you do during the holidays? Anything special?

I try to take time to focus of what means most to me. I’m beyond getting frazzled by it (mostly). It tends to be busy especially for women….as we shop, clean, cook etc…..taking time for ourselves becomes key. Getting out to cross-country ski or snowshoe is always special, but doing it with friends/family makes it all the more fun. I bake more than usual, that’s special too….and I decorate, following old time Yule traditions….finding things from nature like pine boughs and dried berries….birch logs etc. And I knit knit knit.

KC: Knit knit knit sounds like a wonderful way to spend time during the holidays! I wish you the warmest and most wonderful times this holiday season and we will all be watching Green Mountain Knitting Bags with eager anticipation (and credit cards in hands?????)!

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