Sunday, December 7, 2008

Knitting Contrisstmas: Day 7- Sunday Road Trip

It is Sunday in this holiday season and what better time to indulge in a little road trip? My favorite small town was all dressed up this weekend for the holidays, a craft fair with items from the kitchy to the sublime, holiday lights, an old fashioned Santa, delicious foods, and a festive spirit. Travel with me to New Harmony Indiana and relax and enjoy!

The snow had fallen in the morning, just a dusting here and there. The fence above was representative of most in town, decorated with swags of pine and red bows.

One of the shops had this darling snowman wreath on the window, I'll have to tuck the idea away as it would be very easy to replicate.

Doesn't this shop window just beckon you to come in and look around? They had the most wonderful inventory, all wonderfully eclectic. Fabulous really trendy clothing items, body care, vintage ornaments and antiques, some gourmet items, and every wonderful gift item known to man.

On the side street down from the Red Geranium restaurant and next to the conference center were the ice sculptures that had been done in the morning, so lovely!

I've always loved the firehouse, and the antique store within. They've been featured on HGTV's Rezoned and have wonderful things!!! If my pockets were deeper I would have come home with the most wonderful red and green antique quilt that I didn't dare to photograph.

One of the churches in town was decorated very simply but elegantly. With those great red doors, who needs much to be dressed up for the holidays?

I could move in now. All of the houses are too sweet for words, this is one of the more "modest" homes.............. gingerbread and all.

Inside the gymnasium was part one of the town's craft fair, this one decidedly more crafty. On the stage at the far end of the gym were a gathering of townspeople playing Christmas tunes. They were absolutely great, although it doesn't look like it by the man above, they were having a good time! I spent half of my alloted $20 here------ $4.00 for a pair of mittens hand crocheted by an elderly lady who had stacks of them. The yarn is a multi-color and the mittens have the thumb and the forefinger in them. For four dollars, who can go wrong??? An older gentleman was at one end of the gym selling his woodwork and I purchased a barnwood angel with a punched tin heart in her skirt for $5. Definitely not 'big city' prices! The other side of the 'crafts" were held at the old Granary, the "artisans". Everything was lovely from the tinware to the oil paintings, gorgeous scarves in silk burnout as well as a few knitted ones. (Knitters notice, simple garter stitch wool scarves in handspun were $100.00! I do love to see artisans not charging too little for their work!) I spent the last of my $20 here on a little version of the church's Open Door for the tree. I'll keep it out all year I think.

Even the old clock-posts in town were wearing wreaths and ribbons! We stopped for lunch at the Red Geranium again and I found myself ordering exactly what I'd had the last time, meatloaf, steamed broccoli and fingerling potatoes. It was soooooo good. Because we were all in the holiday spirit dessert was eaten all around (rationalization rules) and I enjoyed the butterscotch bread pudding with Bourbon sauce. Good thing there is walking left to do!

Santa in his old fashioned glory. When we photographed him, he looked up with a smile and said, "sorry girls, Santa is plumb tuckered out!"

Carriage rides------------- it doesn't get more small town that this! The line was too long or I would have loved to have had a spin around the square!

The lightposts as above were decked out in these lanterns, some were red and some were white. I was captivated by the white ones and their pine sprigs and bows.

Another one of the shop windows was gloriously shining with a collection of antique dolls and Santa's dressed up for the holidays. Old ornaments and other little vintage pieces completed this gorgeous setting.

Time enough to walk the labyrinth before leaving---- that is me at the end of a long day having a go of it. The labyrinth's boxwood hedges were so bleak in the winter and the ground so muddy I didn't walk the entire thing. You can see the center little "house" in the middle of the maze above. And you can also see that I really, really need a haircut. :)

On the way out of town I had to take this shot of Santa Chicken. It had been in the Christmas Parade earlier in the day and was still sitting in it's trailer at the gas station in town. Nothing says Merry Christmas quite like a ginormous chicken in a Santa suit!

I can't wait to go back again! We did find a shopfront open, downstairs for a gallery and upstairs to live, right on Main Street. If I pack now........................

On the ride there and back I managed to get yet another dishcloth in the parade knitted. Always nice to have a project for your hands while you look out the window at the scenery going by. It's always like a little gift, you look down and voila------ something done on the needles!

Knitting Contrisstmas is back tomorrow with another great interview! Have a wonderful Sunday!


Anonymous said...

What a delightful day trip! Thanks for sharing it with us.

Melissa Morgan-Oakes said...

I agree. Nothing says Christmas like a chicken in a Santa suit!!

jen duncan said...

I swear Tina--if you don't quit sharing these Harmony pics, I may just get that much closer to leaving California. TOOO perfectly quaint and peaceful looking!