Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Knitting Contrisstmas Day Two: Jill aka Knitterella!

Welcome Jill, thanks for taking the time to be part of Knitting Contrisstmas--- we all really appreciate it! I know for many readers the name Jill Zielinski may not ring the first bell, but your alternate moniker KNITTERELLA surely will!

Note to KC readers. make sure and check out Jill's website for FABULOUS gift tags, note cards and more!!! I bet if you get right on it she can get you some of your very own for your holiday hand-made's and gift giving! You ARE planning that, right? On a good day, fueled with caffeine and after a good rest we all rise with the very best of giftie intentions!

KC: As the knitterly brains Knitterella you have wonderful creations such as fabulous note cards and gift tags! How did you get started with these really cool items? I love them all!

First I want to thank you for asking me to do this interview. I’m very flattered and honored to be a part of the Holiday '08 group!

KC: The pleasure is entirely mine Jill....... and ultimately ours!

I’m a graphic designer by trade and a knitter by heart. I wanted a way to combine both my passions and that is how Knitterella came to be. I used my graphic design skills to design paper products for Knitters (and crocheters and now crafters too with my general gift tags).

KC: Are you really a Knitterella? Do you knit knit knit???? It is hard not to picture you sitting there while the mice around you take care of the domestic chores!

I wish I had mice around me to take care of the domestic chores! I do knit all the time and I often think, man, if I didn’t knit so much I’d probably have a spotless house and all the laundry done and folded all the time – but that is sure not the case. I am a pretty crazy knitter!

KC: How do you find time to knit? Do you have any great timesaving tips or special ways to free up enough time to relax and work your sticks?

I probably have a little bit of A.D.D. in me because I just can’t sit and not do anything. That is why knitting is great for me. When people ask how I find the time I often ask them what they do in the evenings to wind down. I usually watch a couple hours of t.v. at night and knit while I do it. I Love to watch a good movie and work on an easy, ‘brainless’ knitting project. Gotta always have one of those projects on the needles. Lots of stocking knit is great for that.

KC: Absolutely, I don't think there are many knitters who don't have a lovely mindless project lying about ready for just such a moment!

KC: You have so many great designs, what are your top sellers?

My gift tags are my top sellers. I came up with the idea because love to make handmade gifts for people and want them to know they are handmade and my gift tags do just that. I also have new tags that have a place on the back for Fiber, Size and Care which can be very handy for the person receiving the gift.

KC: LOVE that idea! Especially fiber and care instructions, I can't tell you how many times my own daughter has called me in tears about something I've made from her ending up a felted mess!

KC: Because you are a crazy knitter as well…………what is your favorite thing to knit?

I love knitting baby gifts, especially baby hats. They are so sweet to make, quick and easy knit and these small projects travel well. Plus it’s a gift that is always greatly appreciated.

KC: Time for what will be my most asked question this year! It has become well known that I am the only “throwing” knitter left on the planet these days… Does speed matter?

Well, I did ‘try’ to knit the Continental way but I quickly went back to the English method. Throwing just comes natural to me. I was interested to try knitting the Continental way because I heard you can knit much faster and to me that just meant I could get more projects done. That said, Im still more comfortable with the original way I learned so I’m going to stick to being a ‘thrower’ for now – plus, I can throw that yarn quite fast!

KC: I'm pretty quick too but still have the apologetic persona that seems to come with the territory!

KC: Are you a part of the Ravelry world, and if so, what is your Ravelry name?

Of course! Love Ravelry. Isn’t it just great?! I can get lost on that site for hours and hours. You can find me there under the name “Knitterella” – stop by and say "HI"!

KC: What else do you do to feed your inner creative muse?

Along with all my crafting that I love to do, I’m also a graphic designer by trade. I work full-time for a wonderful company and I also pick up freelance work whenever I can fit it in. I’m the regular designer for all the Fiber Buzz ads that you may have seen in the knit and crochet magazines, like Vogue Knitting and Interweave Knits. I really enjoy taking my passion for graphic design and incorporating my love for knitting. To work on these ads is wonderful because I get to work and meet so many talented people in the fiber world.

KC: What do you do during the holidays? Anything special?

Hopefully not doing any crazy last minute knitting for gifts like I’ve done in the past. I can be my own worse enemy sometimes! Really though, just being home with my husband and our families is what it’s all about.

KC: Who is your favorite knit designer? I know, there are a lot of choices out there!

There are so many great designers out there that it is very hard to list them all. I do love Debbie Bliss, Nora Gaughan, Jennifer Hansen, and Katie Himmelberg. I usually love everything that can be found in the Rowan books. I totally love the talented Susan B. Anderson too. Her Itty-Bitty Hats books is my favorite book of baby hat patterns – probably the best investment I’ve made out of all my knitting books.

KC: I have to ask how long you have had www.knitterella.com? I would think that is one HOT URL! I love the name, just love it!

Thanks! I love the name too! I’ve had Knitterella both name and small business since 2003. Wow - five years already! I also have Knitterella registered as a trademark.

KC: Because I love your blog and count it as one of my regular reads, I know you sew too! Your aprons are darling, do you do any quilting?

I’ve made two quilts in my life. Nothing crazy or anything but I have tried. I’d like to try again but I have to say, the binding part scares me!

KC: Nah.......... easy as pie! The whole creative soup of it is wonderful, and very forgiving! I bet you would be a fabulous quilter!

KC: What is coming up next in the world of Knitterella?

I’m working on more product. I’ve got all kinds of ideas rolling around and will be coming out with more designs in 2009.

KC: You can rest assured that we will all be waiting! Happy Holidays!


Knitterella said...

Thank you for the interview Tina. It was an honor and pleasure!

Virtuous said...

Fun Fun!! I've heard of her before but was great to read more about her!!

Philigry said...

love readign your knitty interviews!