Sunday, June 22, 2008

Almost a Week Already????

Sheesh.................... it has been almost a week. I told you I was swamped! :)

There is pretty much zero knitting to talk about.
No sewing to talk about.
No nothin' to talk about.

How freakin' sad is that anyway??????????

Since last we chatted I did manage to take an afternoon off and go to B*usch stadium to watch the hometown C*ards get their butts handed to them by the R*oyals. Ack. It was, nevertheless, a spectacular day. Sunny and fabulous, hot dogs and diet Coke were involved, and we had great seats along the third base line. Wonderful!!!! I must comment that I toss out a vegetarian lifestyle for a hot dog at the ball park! C'est la vie!

No wedding this weekend which meant a day yesterday to hang out with friends. The studio was open for pick ups until Noon and then we were OFF. Much rejoicing happened from the entire staff as you can imagine! Right down the street from the studio is another historic neighborhood that has a great farmer's market on Saturday. My bags were full of fresh organic eggs, silver queen corn, delicious cherries (I love cherries) the sweetest cantaloupe, portobellos, tomatoes, and all manner of the most gorgeous fresh veggies! The stars of the day were a cone of lemon and garlic orzo and a paper tube of dried sweet potato pappardelle. Man, I love summer! All in all a truly relaxing day. I didn't even want to drive by the park in case we would happen to SEE a wedding party having location photos taken! No white dresses, no veils, no whining, no pouting, nada nothing!

Sunday morning dawned with rain in the forecast and I just barely managed to get the lawn mowed before it started in. Our planned walk up to the neighborhood local coffee house for brunch turned into a drive. Brunch was magnificent, I could SO be vegan if someone would just cook for me! I had really good 'pork' patties and a fabulous tofu scramble, vegetarian sausage and biscuits, vegan stuffed French toast and some truly spectacular vegan orange cranberry muffins. Along with cups of delicious decaf it was a wonderful morning.

Knitting group next? Man----- does this weekend get any better? Well, it is raining so I can't walk down but I'll get over it!

Day one of the workweek begins tomorrow with a road trip! One of our favorite couples to marry in a few months is having their engagement photos for the summer season taken on their boat at a lake 3 hours away. I have to tell you that I'm looking forward to the drive with knitting in hand--------- a fun time with a great couple taking photos of them on their boat and then we're all going to dinner for champagne toasts and a sunset! While I am not a huge shopper, the area is known for really good outlet malls so I think I may have to stop on the way out of town just to check it out.

Hope that life is grand on your end of the screen!!

I'll leave you with the back of the dress last week----- the wedding gown of the week as it were. I still feel bad that knitting bride didn't happen, but because of many raised eyebrows at the description of the dress, well I'll show it to you here! Strapless ivory satin, no train--- very simple and pretty dress. The 'coat' was allover lace, long sleeves with a short train that snapped on and off, the snaps hidden by covered buttons.

Next week---- there will be a knitting bride, I promise!


Melissa Morgan-Oakes said...

I kinda dig the dress...

Red Geranium Cottage said...

Well didnt you have a busy weekend? I love the Farmers Market there. My friend lives close by. It's been ages since I've been there. You were making me hungry talking about all the veggies and the hot dog....OMG!! STOP!

yoel said...

I have got to get to the farmer's market, until fairshares decides to give me some veggies!

BTW, have you ever tried a soy dog? Very good, and probably fewer cockroaches (and flies) ground up!

Rachel said...

I'm going against the crowd, but I love that dress.

Jenny Girl said...

Well I'm glad you had a fun weekend, because you definitly needed it.

The dress looks nice. I think when people hear lace they think "Grandma!". She has a nice up-do to complement the dress as well.