Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Birthday Week Day 3!

Did I have a great Day 3 or what? Yes indeedy. Well there was that spider bite but I won't even mention it! I worked from home but there which for the day entailed a lot more creatrive happy happy than would have been accomplished if I had to stay at the studio all day! I got a fab table runner done for the coffee table. Love it! The fabric is stash and I don't honestly remember the collection it is from at all, I think it was Free Spirit but I'm not positive. I try to put in something unexpected into each block and for this project the pop was the orange. It is not a true 'cheddar' but along that tone, an old Benartex, with a bit of a texture. I wasn't sure about it at first but I think it really makes the block (and the runner) sing. The backing is that French handwriting fabric that was recently used in the tres cool bag with the Japanese fabric. I will on occasion (Should the spirit move me, you know!) flip the runner and have something totally different for the table.

You can tell that some furniture polishing took place before that runner went down............ look at the lovely gleam! Bring on the velvet ropes, don't anyone use that table under penalty of death! Let us all just admire it for awhile!

I really, really like it! The orange fabric keeps it from being too matchy matchy---- and makes the block so vibrant, but it really isn't too much.

Because I can't have you thinking that I have not knit a stitch......... check out the progress on Twilight! What's that? Can't see much difference? Sure you can! Look closely--- I think there is another inch on those babies. Sigh.

Remember my wallpaper the ceiling insanity? Yes, I haven't totally forgotten it either! It would not be a full homage to the project without a pic of the ceiling in the bathroom. I've always loved that bath------ the browns and blacks are so chic. I truly appreciate that ceiling every day but especially today when the bathroom was cleaned in preparation for my girls' arrival.

I know it is subtle, but that is the point actually. Definitely the last ceiling I will paint OR wallpaper anytime in my future.

The mailman brought me several packages today and one was quite definitely a bit of an early birthday present, I opened it FIRST!

Yes, from the Fat Quarter Shop----- my monthly Moda Fat Quarter and one of my favorites to be sure..........

It's Dandelion Girl from Fig Tree Quilts------ LOVE IT! It even coordinates with my ironing board cover (seen in the background of the fabric above). The creator, Joanna, is tossing hints that we must have a jelly roll of Dandelion Girl for a lovely new quilt she will have on her blog soon. I know that I will have to succumb and get on the 'net to order some!

So much for my fabric diet until it is time to head to Paducah. Two weeks to go!

My girls arrive late tonight and I'm in a meeting all morning----------------- woo hoo!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Trust me, the woo hoo was for the girls NOT the meeting! My birthday week will definitely be all the sweeter once my daughters have arrived safely. If you see them driving 14 hours across the country from Virginia in their Chrysler 300, wave at them!

Thanks for all of the birthday wishes in comments and in email---- I appreciate it! My 'real' birthday is Friday--- for those that asked that is.


dana said...

happy birthday kc!

yoel said...

Happy Birth-week!!! Love the table runner. Hey, in fact, it perfectly matches my orange dining room walls. Hint hint, nudge nudge.

And remember, you haven't knitted one inch on the socks, you'd knitted TWO.

Lisa Boyer said...

Happy Birthday, Tina! LOVE the looks so pretty on your table!

PamKittyMorning said...

Have fun with your girls!