Thursday, April 17, 2008

Procrastination Thy Name is Contessa!

In the name of procrastination (and something I have gotten VERY good at)------ I am ignoring turning the heel on my 2 at a Time Socks. Not because I don't love them, and even the process to this point. Not because I don't want them done (really)---- more that I am afraid I am going to do something patently stupid and will end up with a mess. So instead, I leave them sit. Sorry Melissa. I have your notes at the ready, I have them sitting there, I am ready to go but I, well, I just can't.

Instead I have re-cast on (twice) for Lambe from Berrocco. You might recall I also suffered a bit of brain cramp when I mistakenly cast on for Lambe when I meant the other bag, Albem----- and when I switched the cast on, I discovered that I really liked Lambe best. Who knew. (And how like me, but I digress). So I have Lambe on the needles in lovely red (on circs just because) and I am LOVING it. The pattern is very clear and a simple cable knit and because it is a double strand it goes FAST. Fast is good. I'm getting ready to increase now.

A wonderful center panel of twisty-ness framed with two smaller cables that mirror each other on the sides. Love that detail!

I found myself wishing I'd brought it to the studio all day long today. I had absolutely no time I could have knit on it, but I could have admired it. After all, that is half of the enjoyment!

If this goes as quickly as my last project I expect to have this bag along with Cable Luxe and Twilight socks to wear in the home for befuddled knitters.

When my girls were here last week they brought tulips! Lovely red and yellowy orange parrot tulips, they have lasted a really long time and are simply gorgeous.

I'll miss them when they are gone--- thankfully the ones in the yards and gardens around town (and even on the highways) are stepping up to the plate and for today it looks as if spring is really and truly here.

At long last!


Virtuous said...

I really can empathize with what you mean about not going further in a project b/c you don't want to mess it up! I get paralyzed and my KA (Knitter's Anixety) sets in. Hence, my BTS vest just been living on my needles since February!!

Lets re-commit to our "Knitting Fearless"!!!

yoel said...

I love the red bag you're making! You know, we both started knitted cabled bags on the same day. Jinx, you owe me coke!

melissaknits said...

I should come and visit. Or you should come and visit (I have Webs could consider it a field trip). Then we could sit down at Woodstar Cafe and over a latte and a gluten free treat (for me ) and a normal one (for you) we could do the heels. Then yarn shopping (it's sale time!) and home you go with an extra suitcase or two (for the yarn).