Friday, April 11, 2008

Shameless Self Birthday Promotion

Today is my actual birthday------ and it has been a wonderful birthday week! Big wedding to bride wrangle tomorrow so it will be back to the grind, I am thinking I should celebrate on Sunday to really bid a fond farewell to this wanton week of happy! :) I'm enjoying my last full day with my girls, it has been SO great!!! How could you ever ask for a more wonderful birthday!

Francis has the best idea I think, and this really cracked me up:

"Hi Tina,
I hope you are enjoying your birthday week. I also hope you are picking out a present for yourself. I find when buying myself a present, I always get the perfect thing. Today I celebrated your birthday week by buying yarn at my favorite LYS sale. Thanks for the inspiration.
Avid knitter"

Is that not true?

So on this, my birthday I challenge ALL blitters to get out there and buy themselves a lovely gift! Shoot the moon baby! Buy something lovely for yourself in my honor with my full encouragement.

SHOP ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Whatcha get????????? Hmmmmmmmmmmmm?


melissaknits said...

This explains the Bearfoot in my mailbox - one skein for your birthday, one for Stacey's!! It all makes sense, now!

Happy Birthday!

Prof. Askey said...

yesterday my wee one turned 4. Party tomorrow. Since I was the one doing the birthing, I went to my LYS today and scored a sweater's worth of Araucania Nature wool in red and 4 skeins of Classic Elite Provence ON SALE for 50% off. Life, my dears, is GOOD.

Virtuous said...

Happy Happy Birthday Tina!!

And many more years of blessings to you!!!

I am so on punishment right now! ;op

Gramma Phyllis said...

Happy Birthday Tina. I did my shopping on Wednesday as that is my "me" day. My LYS had some Panda Wool that I got to make Me socks, as the last 2 pairs have been for family. And as I had a discount on the whole order coupon I also got a skein of Austermann Step and several pattern sheets. And when I got home Mom's aides stated that she had been a good girl all day and that continued when I took over. So it was a good day all round.

Purl Buttons said...

Happy Birthday! I bought your present to me last week in a sweet LYS in Blairsville, Georgia: a sweater's worth of lovely soft green wool blend, several patterns, needles in sizes I KNOW I already own, but I think they are in projects somewhere Then I ordered from the store some wonderful suede bucket style bag bottoms to knit up from the holes around the sides. It was a wonderful birthday and I hope you have many more.

Lolly said...

Happy (belated) birthday, Tina!!

jen said...

Hi Tina- I'm so out of it lately...I let your birthday come and go with no good wishes! :-( I hope you had big fun with your girls. Any fresh ink? ;-)

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday!.. I hope it was everything you could have wished for!

Jenny Girl said...

Happy Belated birthday Tina!
I just couldn't pass this post without commenting. Hope you had a wonderful time. It certainly sounds as though your birthday month was good.