Tuesday, April 1, 2008

One foot in front of the other

You know those things in life that come together only when we grit our teeth, push through and do (whatever it is) by putting one foot in front of the other? That has been how it has felt as I get back to my daily walk. So many things have made it difficult, most done at my own hand with the exception of the ever present rain and chilly weather. But one step at a time it is and way out there on the fringes I can feel the part of the equation that is the 'looking forward to' piece of the pie. Pie! That of course is one of those things that I have done to myself! The returning weight has to go. And how in the bloody heck did I let the weight creep back on? I knew it was happening, why didn't I stop it far earlier? Ack. I'm a big fat dork and really more than angry with myself. And just for the record, nobody brings up the gelato or the marshmallows!

Instead of my usual listening to knitting and quilting podcasts, I've had to load the iPod with other things that will provide a wee bit motivation to keep walking. Not that I do not love you Kelley and Brenda, Alex and Annie, Nicole and Jenny, Carrie and Kathy and the others that come and go---- I do love to listen! I have no doubt that I will get back to the routine of walking my very snappy 3 to 4 miles with Kathy Smith barking in my ears and the craftypods on the way back. Just not now. You see, when I finish the 'oooomph' portion of my walk I have worked myself about 2 miles from home. I may have a somewhat more leisurely stroll home, but there are still many steps on the pavement to get through. When you are already tired because you've not kept up the pace over the winter it does require more motivation!

My playlist is eclectic, maybe even a bit odd in spots but it makes me get home with less fuss:
  • It's Good to Be Us- Bucky Covington
Because it amazes me that I like him on the radio when I didn't on American Idol
  • Before He Cheats- Carrie Underwood
The mere thought of much of this naughtiness gives me a smile
  • Home- Daughtry
Not only do I love the song but it does remind me that I am headed home to a shower!
  • Drinking Me Lonely- Chris Young
I love the song but it is a bit cry in your beer so perhaps we need to move to a little more uptempo now?
  • Billie Jean- David Cook
Wow.......... what a great version of this song! Uptempo, not yet.........
  • Day Tripper-David Cook
This kid is amazingly talented, I think he just might win American Idol
  • I Can't Do That Anymore- Faith Hill
Hands down my favorite Faith song, such angst. It always reminds me of the days married to my ex when his constant ugliness over my weight drove me to the treadmill that Faith sings about. Of course when you stop and think about it, his eternal bitching did keep at bay moments like now when I've slipped a bit!
  • Amarillo Sky- Jason Aldean
  • Your Man- Josh Turner
Do you love that booming baritone or what? Plus, he really isn't hard to look at!
  • Six Days on the Road- Junior Brown
NOW we are getting into the upbeat groove! I love me some Junior Brown, true twangy Texas roadhouse country. I wanted to go see him the last time he was in town but I would have had to have gone alone. Sitting at the bar in a third tier club watching Junior Brown somehow says the wrong thing! The word BARFLY comes screaming into my head------- and y'know, I am many things but a barfly is not one of them. If you ARE currently a barfly, I do apologize and don't mean to squelch your feelings.,
  • Miss Independent- Kelly Clarkson
  • Walking in Memphis- Lonestar
  • Go Now- Moody Blues
Melissa got me on the Moody Blues kick with her comment on a past post about "Days of Future Past" and it made me remember how much I loved the really early stuff like "Go Now". Not that "Nights in White Satin" isn't completely groove or anything,,,,,,,,
  • On My Own- Reba McIntyre, Martina McBride & Trisha Yearwood
Great song by three beautiful voices----but we're getting a little 'dark' again even though I've sort of always thought of this song as an anthem.
  • Stay- Sugarland
I would listen to Jennifer Nettles sing the phonebook! By the way, her new website is one of the most beautiful I've seen.
  • Something More- Sugarland
Is it personal when I'm walkingwalkingwalking to know in my heart that there HAS gotta' be something more!
  • Someday Soon- Suzy Bogguss
Vintage and sweet Suzy Bogguss never really made the Big Time, but I love her still. I actually love "Cowboy's Sweetheart" more but was afraid that the sound of yodeling coming from my ear buds might scare off neighborhood pets.
  • Johnny Cash- Jason Aldean
How can you not love this song? Definitely uptempo, edgy attitude, and while I am not a big proponent of the hot young men camp, Jason Aldean is definitely a hot little doodoo.

See what I mean? Hot. Little. DooDoo. Now he might look like Dwight Yokum without that hat, who's to know?
  • Folsom Prison Blues- Johnny Cash
The whole Jason Aldean song got me in the mood I think............
  • Jackson- Johnny Cash and June Carter Cash
Can you hear June Carter Cash sing without seeing Reese Witherspoon? Bless June, she was no Reese!

And because the legs are tired and a final push for home is necessary music from my favorite musical of all time---- Miss Saigon! I saw it in London at the Drury and saw it again here in the states.
  • Her Or Me
  • I Still Believe

And I'm home. Time to shower and put on my face and toss on some clothes and dash out the door to go to the studio to perform the tasks directly associated with wrangling brides.

Have I mentioned that my legs are killing me?

I have to close with this. Really, I couldn't help it. It is (get your mind out of the gutter) a banana cozy. Really. No April Fool's here! I personally think she should have crocheted that baby in like, RED or something. Might have helped, but that is just my personal opinion and I could well be wrong. It is the very creative brainchild of Kristen TenDyke. Should you be motivated to crochet other fruit cozy's she can also help you out.

Me? I can't manage to get a silly pair of 2 at a Time Socks knit in any manner of time!


melissaknits said...

Did you say banana hammock? My mind lives in the gutter I guess. When I saw this, I saw three different items, none related to bananas. Dirty little me.

Anonymous said...

I thought the same thing as Melissaknits - I guess that makes me a dirty mommy

BTW - love the song list :-)

Renee said...

I've got the 2 at a Time socks book, too. Can't get motivated to try it yet. I am going to have to buy yet some more sock yarn in order to accomplish this. Oh the sacrifices we make for the sake of our craft!

Kimberly said...

Nothing like some good country music to get ya motivated!
It took 2 months of PT to get me back to work after suffering from vertigo for almost 3.
I used Travis Tritt's version of Hunk of Burning Love and CDB's unedited version of Devil went down to Georgia.
Yes, Josh Turner gives me thrills and Jason Aldean's Hicktown is not a sit down song.
Who need's rock and roll when we can listen to this!
Git 'er done! girl.

Elysbeth said...

Thanks for the Sugarland link, that was amazing. Just keep chugging away at those healthy arteries and veins.

Jenni said...

I love Johnny Cash. You know those songs get stuck in your head and wont' leave. I am always singing the "Jackson" song.

Susan said...

Dwight Yokum under the hat or not - I agree "HOT"! The voice to match, doesn't hurt.

Virtuous said...

Mmmmh mmmh banana cozy my eye!!! ;op

yoel said...

Har! A "banana" cozy. Riiiiight.

Gramma Phyllis said...

If you enjoy good country and show tunes, I have discovered a young independent singer - Eric Dodge. He has both a web site and utube videos. And iTunes has songs you can down load. He sing several up beat songs as well as some lovely ballads.
as far as 2 at a time socks, well I have done them oth ways - on dpns and 2 circs. At present I prefer 2 on 2 but there are a few patterns that I must do on dpns. What I love about the 2 on 2 is that when I'm done I'm done, no sss to deal with.