Saturday, April 5, 2008

Six Teensy Words

Well........... it has been too long since I've responded appropriately to the 'tag' from FeralMama to write a six word memoir. Six tiny itty bitty words. Very hard to do actually. I mean they need to reflect so much, say volumes in not enough words to order a big mac!

And the task was not only to write the eloquent mini memoir but to tag 6 more people. Even that was hard! I chose folks who are eloquent writerly types...... and who surely have something quite interesting to say...... all of whom inspire me with their words and the work of their hands. (Not that the rest of you don't!!)

My six word memoir:

"Blessings held tight are truly fleeting."

whatcha' think? I bet you really thought it would be something like I really really hate my neck... now didn't you????


Lynn said...

Very pretty!

Virtuous said...

LOL @ neck memoir!

Now you know I don't do tags/memes! ;op

But I will play along within your post! :o)

I always remind myself of this:

"Only the best for the BEST!!"

My girlfriend used to say it to me in my early 20s and it has always stuck with me!

Lisa Boyer said...

Okay...I'm thinking....thinking...