Friday, April 18, 2008

All Shaking Except Needles

I hadn't actually given much thought to the New Madrid fault line recently, and oddly enough Mrs. Lear, a St. Louis native and I were conversing about it the day before yesterday. From a sound sleep at 4:30 or so this morning my little boy dog was going pretty crazy so I got up and took him out. He did his thing and RAN back inside, definitely not his habit. I'd just slid back into bed when it sounded like someone was running back and forth across the roof with combat boots on! The rumbling was almost thunder and the house was shaking. In 10-15 seconds in the middle of the night--- out of nowhere--- it was sort of weird to assemble in the old brain. If you lived in California, you'd get it right away, but here? Not so much! Turns out that the earthquake was a 5.4, epicentered about 120 miles away. Getting back to sleep was difficult as it always is and then just heading out for the post office this morning there was another one! 4.4 they say. Crazy stuff! My initial thought is what if it isn't aftershocks but warm up's to another bigger event? Ack!

What I want is for my knitting needles to be moving------- not everything else around me!

Guess we'll see what the day brings besides MORE rain and cloudy gray skies.


Nell said...

5.4 is a pretty good one too! I know I kind of liked the little earthquakes when I moved to California. Then we had a 5.9. No more fun. Definitely a little scary now. Glad everything is OK.

jen said...

Yeah, it just hardly seems fair. I mean; we live with earthquakes on a daily basis here in Northern Ca. No big deal. But I wouldn't live where you do---tornados and sometimes even hurricanes--for love or money. Just doesn't seem fair that you have to endure an occasional earthquake, too! Here's hoping that was a freak incident and it won't happen again.

melissaknits said...

I love earthquakes.

Of course, I also love hurricanes and want to someday see a tornado, s it is possible I am insane.

Anonymous said...

How scary. I love New England we don't get to much super dangerous weather just big snowstorms but nothing so big that even being in your own home isn't safe usually.

Jenni said...

Pretty freaky!! I've never felt an earthquake but I've heard they are pretty disorientated.

My hubby and I built our own house. So I think I would be worried :)

Red Geranium Cottage said...

Buck up Tina!!!! LOL!!!! That's nothing to us. We dont even bother getting out of bed for a 5.4. LOL!!!!!!