Monday, April 14, 2008

Brought to you by Cheesecake....

Does that look great or what? Even though I think it looks like it says "Happy Birthday Ita Yau!" I kept wondering who Ms. Yau was --but I did blow out her candle and eat her cake. If you are out there Ita, I'm really sorry and I hope you did have a great birthday.

So I ate the cake....all of it. The girls shared a piece of Godiva cheesecake. I had two bites of that one too!

Getting back to the grind has proven to be far more difficult than I ever expected. Perhaps it comes with the 'adding another year territory', although I sincerely hope not. That territory gets expanded quite enough all by itself.

My girls left very early on Saturday morning for the returning 13.5 hours, I wrangled a bride for 12 of the remaining hours of that day in less than 40 degrees. Long day, too cold. And although she is a favorite bride, NO knitting bride pics again! I'm bummed.

They were a beautiful couple----- sweet as pie! Check out her coat in this shot, I told you that it was brutally cold. Thankfully the coat at least matched----we did take off the coat for quite a few shots poor baby.

Sunday brought knit group with a twist. Knitting with a string quartet as background! We gathered about an hour before the concert to chitchat and then centered down over our collective knitting. Quintet in C Major by Luigi Goccherini and Quinted in C Major by Franz Schubert. Fabulous------ when the concert and knitting had come to an end I was as relaxed as pudding. There was much contentment and needle (and hook) action by all. Me? I don't even know why you ask when you KNOW dang well what was in my bag! My lovely tres cool knit bag was packed with "Twilight", the socks that are on row one of the heel turn (pretty much where they have been for 5 days) but I did bring along another project!! Just because. Using a lovely double stranded red worsted I dutifully cast on 44 for "Albem" a cute Berrocco bag freebie.

Love it! Although a bag has no gauge (per se) and I am not using the Ultra Alpaca the bag was created for, I think it should still be approximately the 10x10 the pattern states. The freebie pattern along with three other really cute bags can be found HERE if you aren't on their email list for such goodness. While you check that out, you really should be on their weekly list, KnitBits----- always great stuff. (Thanks Norah and Margery!)

Now for the frustrating part. I had the requisite two inches as subscribed by the pattern and noticed a HORRIBLE thing. I had two patterns held together in my tres cute knit bag, "Albem" and "Lambe". After dinner last night, and the following dishes, changing out laundry in the washer and dryer and uploading Saturday's wedding slideshow on the workblog side of the house I could finally sit down and knit for a bit. (Sorry "Twilight" it was not a turn the heel evening) and I really LOOKED at the pattern on the needles. It was not "Albem" but "Lambe". ACK. Not like I don't really like "Lambe" a lot..........

See? It is very cute...but I had made up my mind to go the other route. The choice was simple, completely frog out the afternoon of stitches or love "Lambe" afresh. Somehow that felt like cheating to me, (who knew?) so today I have a firm round ball of red yarn, stitch markers and empty needles.

I do feel somewhat smug, but also perhaps silly------- maybe I should have changed courses mid stream.

I'm off today and after I mow the lawn (woo hoo) and a pick up at the lab, I do hope to knit a bit. Heel turning or re-casting on......... we'll see!!


melissaknits said...

I am Ita Yau. I cannot believe you ate my birthday cheesecake!! You should go buy me a new one right away, and mail it to me. Yeah, that'll work...

Virtuous said...

Haha @ Yau
But it still looks really yummy!

So glad you had a really nice birthday and a great visit with your daughters!!

AAAh but the bag is cute!!

Anonymous said...

It's our fault you got confused - all four names are anagrams of Melba, the woman who designed them. Sorry!