Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Technically Pooped!

Sent: Monday, January 07, 2008 6:54 PM
Subject: forgetful knitter
When I read today's entry, I saw myself. If it makes you feel better, I cleaned the house for Thanksgiving guests. I had a pattern that my LYS had ordered for me. I put it somewhere but not with my patterns. I even remember when I put it up thinking I should be putting it where it belonged. Now I may have to get them to order it again. How embarasing.
Knitting when I should be cleaning,

Oh Francis! How lovely to email me and make me feel better about being such a dork! ?

I think we might have the same thing in common--- we need to clean in order to function with life but we have our minds on about a zillion other things. Then when you get back to it---- well, you know the rest. I’ve decided I need to just divide my focus. You know----- live fully in the present moment. If I could do that all the time, it would indeed solve my problems. Unfortunately I already forgot half of the whole focus thing! ?

It’s all good honey!!!!!!!!!!



Great email, yes? It made me smile! Being forgetful (at any age) is such a universal thing and happens to us far more often than we would like, or truly--- are very comfortable with. Personally I think that women forget a lot more than men because we are generally multi-tasking about a quadzizillion things and just pretty tired around the edges! Have you heard that story about how women and men are different in how they think? A man and a woman sit in the front seat of a car driving somewhere and the woman is thinking about the cupcakes she has to bake for the sale, gifts to buy, what is for dinner, oooooh she has to stop at the grocery, her father needs his medication, and the dog has to go to the vet, her project for work needs to be on the boss's desk in the morning and she has no pantyhose left. She takes a deep breath knowing that it will somehow all get done and asks her husband "what are you thinking about honey"? The gentleman answers "I was just thinking that I need to change the oil". See what I mean? No offense to menfolk of course. We forget things because we pretty much have every brain cell operating on some level---at EVERY stage of life. It is a divided focus thing to be sure, to be able to separate out and hunker down with mindfulness and concentration. Therein is the answer as well as the rub!

I think my brain cells are too pooped to ping! :) Now that is a sad state!

Right off the bat you can see that I'm having camera issues. Bad camera issues. The 'good' equipment is at the studio and apparently the old workhorse that I'm left with is having wee problems. There is a techie name for all of this woe going down that I am not savvy enough to navigate around. The short is that the camera is getting old and doesn't want to work. It's okay, I can relate totally!

Yesterday was one of those different directions days. Errands (I stayed out of the LYS, applause please! And yes, I know they're all closed on Monday, I did not forget!), and layout work on a new promo piece for the studio. The creation of such pieces is always fun and on this one at least, the execution will be satisfying as well. Sprinkled throughout the day in bits and pieces, I did manage to get a bit of knitting from Mindless Category A done. The super simple straight ahead socks on dpn's are coming along.

Please do not ask me what the yarn is. I FORGOT!!!!!!!! HAAAAA! Seriously, I usually tuck the ball band into the yarn somewhere to jog my memory, and if it is gone--- well it is gone. Ahem, it's okay. It's wool, it's sockyarn, it's great. Because it is such an outstanding photo (snork) I don't think I'll have any hands raised with suggestions as to the mystery yarn. It's been a delicious thing to be able to just reach out and grab these socks and knit away for a little bit of time. At the moment I'm working on the heel flap.

My greatest happiness was getting into a groove with Cable Luxe!! Woo Hoo! Again, that outstanding photo doesn't show you much does it? If you look carefully on the right side of the photo, next to the cable needle you will see this befuddled knitters secret weapon for this sweater. DOUBLE row counters strung on a stitch holder. While this sweater is really lovely, I have to say (and can only speak for myself you understand) the instructions absolutely blow. I had to rip back and sit down and pretty much think it through on paper, cut out the pattern stitches sections and tape them together and generally knit in absolute silence until I got it going for a few rows. Once you get into a rhythm (as with all knitting not from the mindless category) it seems fine----- as long as you keep those two row counters spinning and don't forget to check where you are on the two types of cables. It is definitely not a mindless knit! To be honest, up to this point because it has been a struggle--- well it's pooped me out! It has on several occasions made me wonder just why I listened to the family when they decided what the next-to-knit project should be. What do these people know anyway!

I feel the need to close with the Today Show this morning. Not the serious news, not the voting in New Hampshire, not even the local problems with overturned trailers or the very heavy rain. Nope, I'm talking about Richard Simmons! You love him, or hate him there doesn't seem to be much neutral ground. Personally, I love me some Richard---- cute as pie.

I wonder if he knits????


melissaknits said...

If I had info, which of course how could I?, I would say that Thursday is an excellent day to begin stalking postal carriers. Not that I have any info. I am just saying.

Annie said...

My friend Amanda called me to watch Richard lost in Rockefeller Center... I missed it. She thinks he's cute as pie too.