Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Last of the Seussing

I put on a skirt yesterday, it was a great one, maroon and a pineyish green with some wonderful embellishments on it. There was no real need to 'dress up' you understand, it was a bit of shaking my fist at the gray and rainy skies that had been so pervasive of late. I wanted to wear it with a black ribbed turtleneck and tights and my knitted scarf in the same tones. Well dang if that skirt didn't just fall to the floor, the elastic gave up the ghost and just totally lost it. I picked up my skirt from somewhere around my ankles and noticed that the elastic within the casing had pretty much no elasticity to it whatsoever, it just sat in there with no effort at all towards doing its' job. It was a sort of giggly moment of epiphany as I thought-------- hey that is what has happened to my neck for pete's sake!!!!!!!!! I hate my neck and I think possibly a week or two have gone by since I've mentioned (grouched) about that!

A year ago at Christmastime, my dear Mother (who is quite young having popped me into the world at the ripe old age of 14) left on the 27th. We thought it was kind of weird at the time, and discovered later that she had run home for an appointment to have one of those neck jobs you see on tv. You know, the kind that they say takes an hour and the photos look quite fabulous on the after side of the street. She looked a bit better after the procedure was done but I have to say, by Thanksgiving the next year things had started heading south again. It kind of made me crazy as, to be perfectly honest, I'd been chucking away loose change in the jar marked "I Hate My Neck". Now I'm kind of bummed out, if it doesn't restore a perfect swanlike neck in the first place, and what gains you make very quickly slide away and your saggy old neck begins to slip south like a velvet skirt---- what IS there to do???? Other than live life in a turtleneck (which is just a little bit impractical) I don't know. There is always a MAJOR lift, but that takes you from the category of 'hey, a little work is not a bad thing' to the camp of 'I've lost touch with real life and have gone over to the way too vain side". Ack.

Cable Luxe is coming along. I'm working even down the back now, the cables marching along prettily in their sea of purls. It's enjoyable now that I've found my groove but I do have to say that I miss the immediate gratification of a small project.

Microsoft has sent my replacement disk so that I can finish seussing the laptops. With any luck by this time tomorrow I will be able to wipe the hard drive on the old one and send it back to you know who. Speaking of the computer company who has a name that rhymes with the hot place with gnashing teeth (where they belong, by the way)---- I had requested an extension to return the old laptop because my schedule was too packed to complete the changeover in their ridiculous 5 days. Extension was granted and I even have it in writing. Knowing these idiotic buffoons I saved the email! Yesterday in the mix of mail was a letter from D#L# saying that something or other had been terminated because I had not returned the old laptop when they in their gracious goodness had sent me the new one. Morons! My day today is swamped but you can bet I'll spend time on the phone trying to make them remember the promises they have made to me. The unfortunate thing about the whole thing in total is that there will be precious little time to knit.

Never, ever a good thing!

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Suzann said...

Did your Mom have surgery? Cause anything less is just temporary. Like the stuff they pump into the nose to mouth lines. Expensive temporary at that.