Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Clawing My Way Back

I feel as if I'm clawing my way out of an empty echoing drum. Steep sides, cold, dark. You know the feeling if you've been slamwhammied by a bug recently. It sort of came out of nowhere, I'd had a great evening and was feeling pretty good when the next morning it was as if I'd been tossed under the tires of a Mack truck and then gored by knitting needles. While there was really no time to call in to life quite sick and go back to bed that is exactly what I did. Until 11 anyway, which by almost any account is a good long wallow. I rolled out and worked from home not stopping until 7---- so really when you think about it, almost a complete day of work was accomplished. It was slow and plodding, punctuated by gritching and groaning but then so are select days anyway!

I'd been SO looking forward to a knitterly gathering at the local Borders on Monday night. Kate Jacobs brought her first novel, "The Friday Night Knitting Club" to town with a knit theme and it was sponsored by a wonderful local LYS, Kirkwood Knittery, announced on Ravelry and at the local guild. While I was not expecting the wild crowd of THE traveling knitter/authors I thought the turnout was a tiddle on the small side. I'd estimate it at 30-40, which by most accounts is a respectable showing. It was great fun to see such a wonderful assembly sitting in those hard little chairs somewhere between the help desk and the childrens' department knitting on socks and scarves and baby items. Our group of 5 made instant friends with Mary Kay sitting in front of us partially because of that instant Knitter Click. (The other contributing factor was of course that we are just super nice people!) We all sat, knitted, talked and networked until Kate arrived. The reading of her book was lovely, personable and warm and she chatted a bit about her background and her upcoming novel. I'd read that the book had been picked up for development into a movie with Julia Roberts and Kate confirmed this. All things considered it was a really nice evening, and I left with my book tucked into my bag along with a pair of size 6 wooden needles as a bonus from Kirkwood Knittery. If the truth is told, I started to read the book before Thanksgiving. I'd borrowed a copy from the library and I just couldn't get it going at all. There was just too much on my plate at the time and reading took a back seat to life in general. Yesterday morning in between little naps and laying in bed wishing someone would pull the truck away I read the first five chapters and have to say it was a very enjoyable read. Thanks Kate! There is even a sister website for the book using the name of the fictional bookstore, Walker and Daughter.

Thankfully because I was able to perform (albeit poorly) on the work front yesterday I am not greeted today by a doubly piled high desk. With the thoughtful application of chicken noodle soup and a mid-day break for a little rest I think I just might make it.

Cable Luxe is creeping along, I was only able to crank out about 6 rows in total yesterday. At this rate I will get around to spring and summer knitting sometime in October. This of course leads me to the realization that my next project needs to be something for my home. I have no idea exactly what that might be but I'm interviewing candidates as we speak. While trying to work as lightly as possible (for medical reasons of course) I found this on YouTube---- amazing! I wonder if it does cable?

It is 30 degrees F. I am not feeling 100%. There is laundry to do and work calls. I can't even tell you how much I want to go back to bed.

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melissaknits said...

your lack of my book is beginning to bug me. just so you know you are not alone...