Friday, January 4, 2008

A Classic Review: Sweater 101

Shortly before the end of the holidays, when I was up to my ears in my own preparations as well as Knitting Contrisstmas, I received an email from Cheryl Brunette. Cheryl is the author of "Sweater 101", a classic knitting resource now available as an instantly downloadable e-book. She told me that "I recently reissued it as an eBook with a Foreword by Linda Skolnik and we're designing a hardcover version with a very cool lie flat binding for release in the spring. The book is something of an oldie but goodie, but then so am I."

Well I was first endeared by her statement that this classic book as well as she was an oldie but a goodie! Blitters, we ALL age, and as we do advance a bit----- let's hope we all become oldies but goodies!!!!

"Sweater 101" is an excellent resource for knitters....chapters on basic sweater styles, a couple of math skills, gauge, fit, and measurements--- and most importantly how to fit it all together to come up with exactly what YOU want! Wonderful! The last chapter of taking it all beyond the basics is no only freeing to the knitter but very encouraging.

How to Make Sweaters that fit . . .
& Organize Your Knitting Life at the Same Time

Make any sweater . . .
with any yarn . . .
for any person . . . and have it fit

The book is like a wonderful workshop---- an entertaining and educational study of making the best fitting sweater you've ever owned.

After studying Sweater 101 the student (that would be you) will be able to:

  • make a proper gauge swatch and measure it with an accuracy worthy of NASA.
  • know the three sources of measurements for sizing a sweater.
  • create a simple-to-follow “Picture Pattern.”
  • easily chart a set-in sleeve cap.
  • have the tools to organize your knitting information.
  • use two simple math skills to save time.
  • adapt a pattern to your yarn, gauge and body size.
  • change necklines and collars on any sweater.
  • fall in love with any yarn and buy it knowing you can make your own pattern for it.

I loved the book---------- and am looking forward to the hard copy with that wonderful lie flat binding! It's no secret that I (and many of you) hate the gauge swatch thing, so knowing that I will be able to make one and measure it to make NASA proud is pretty exciting! It's also a sample of the warmth and humor that Cheryl brings to this classic volume for knitters.

Cheryl has a great downloadable gift, a copy of Afghan 101 just for visiting the website so check it out!

Today kicks off a huge wedding show weekend. Remember, as one who wrangles brides for a living, being in the presence of a gaggle of brides and their entourages is part of what I do. Setup is today and by far the easiest part of the weekend. By the time Sunday evening comes I will be exhausted, talked out, and ready to dissolve into a puddle of spit. If I had any spit left after talking to a zillion people that is. The good thing is that the time goes relatively quickly.

Knowing that I would need some very, very mindless knitting available when I came limping home from the wedding show (definitely not Cable Luxe) I cast on for the most rudimentary and satisfying thing there is----- simple socks on dpn's. While I am anxiously awaiting Melissa Morgan-Oakes' book "2 at a Time Socks", and will enjoy it immensely----- it will require a couple of brain cells pinging together to bring any of it to fruition. Hence------- simple socks------- a set of dpn's--- and a mindless knit. I'm almost done with the 2x2 ribbing on the first sock and will tuck it into my bag hoping for a chance to knit off a few stitches over the weekend. It will most definitely keep me company in the evenings when I'm too tired to do anything at all!

Off we go! Have a great weekend and Get Knittin'!


Melissa Morgan-Oakes said...

Soon, very soon.

I bet the UPS guy is glad you're doing something else for a few days. I wish everyone had their books.

Virtuous said...

Yes I have been waiting on my book too!! What happened to them? Why are they all on back order?!?!

Great book review, but I wish I could sit down long enough to listen!

Yep a good foot soak and mindless knitting will do you some good after your busy wedding weekend!

Make it a great one!

Jenni said...

Thanks for the review. This is definitely a book (site) that I want to check out. It sounds like a great one to start the new year with too.