Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Honeymoon Over?

Man, I feel like the honeymoon is over on a couple of counts. First, the honeymoon is long over and knitting is stone cold! Especially with Damson which is now DAMNson. (Insert frown here). Frogged to the beginning and re-knit after an incident involving a naughty puppy and a vacuum cleaner. I will not speak further of it. But, in a typically stubborn show of "harumph" DAMNson is back to row 50 so we're perking along, it looks great and I only lost a little bit of yarn in the process. Reading about the experience of other knitters who have taken on this shawl, yardage seems an issue. I only hope that I don't have to order more yarn for the bitter end.

The honeymoon is also over with my phone. I love my phone and have succumbed to the easy joy of googling on the run or carrying life in the palm of my hand. I have moved past the fact that such wizardry of phone-ness is an enormous time suck. Time of which I have little to spare these days. Accountability can also be a factor; if one has such a phone does it remove any excuses such as getting lost, not checking email, weather delays or even what the (hee) special value of the day is??? I may have to revert back to the dog ate my homework?

I suffered a bit of a crash and burn yesterday. Too much of Too Much and it sent me into a downward spiral. Today I'm feeling better and need to get caught up with life, perhaps I'll turn my phone OFF?

And yes, there was a bride last Saturday, a photo with the sticks was just not a happening thing, so it goes.

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Mereknits said...

Sorry I missed your blogoversary. I love reading your blog, you make me chuckle especially about your knitting project. Believe me I have had my fair share of frogging.
Have a wonderful day,