Thursday, March 12, 2009

Home Again Jiggety

I'm home. Got home yesterday afternoon about 4 actually, tired, stiff, sore, COLD, and not quite ready for time away to be over. I have battled my way through laundry, a big run to Costco and the fill in run at the grocery----- emails, and uploading photos and the general sorting and filing. Slowly but surely I'm getting a grip.

I think. Did I mention that it was COLD....... long gone are the lush temps in the mid-80's.

I did come home to the most wonderful package however!!

I love Valori Wells and all things Val as a matter of fact. She emailed right before I left for Florida to tell me that her darling girls had pulled my name from her blog post and I WON goodies. You know I've been in a little funk so goodies were so exciting to think about.

I opened the Priority envelope to find a yummy fat pillow of green tissue paper-----

Fabric from Valori----- fabric from her "Olive Rose" collection if I'm not mistaken.

With new digs coming up May 1 I know for a fact I'll put these into service somewhere and can't wait to create with their yummyness.


I have loads of thoughts and a photo or two from vacay------- coming up soon. Until then, this was the view on the dashboard coming through the mountains somewhere between Georgia and Tennessee.

With luck the other front of the cabled cardi will bind off this weekend. Two sleeves to go plus the little puttery parts.


Melissa Morgan-Oakes said...

Touchdown is painful when there's a big difference in temperature. We're not sure if Florida was a little taste of spring, or a little torment. We'll have to go again next year to find out!

yoel said...

Welcome home! Can't wait to see the cardigan!

Virtuous said...

Well WB homes!!
Can't wait to hear about your 2 vacays! Luv the last pic :oD

And Hey! I may have to commission you to do a blog banner for me too! As I luv yours!!

Have a great weekend!!