Saturday, June 28, 2008

Super Quickie Bag

As a bona fide Bag Wh*re............... one who covets almost any bag, and wants to knit, quilt and stitch each and every one, I welcomed in the newest little bag to my collection.

I think it is certainly the easiest as well! Even if you don't sew much, this bag would be very easily accomplished! She's from the August issue of American Patchwork and Quilting, still on the newsstands I believe. The two dish towels I blogged the other day were the stars of the show, i.e. you skip the whole fabric selection step! Standard size (although the size of the towel determines the finished size of the bag), I found mine at Garden Ridge for the tidy sum of one dollar each. The handles were on sale for 3 dollars so my bag was a 5 dollar wonder.

The first bag was made using the instructions from the magazine. I would love to make this again, but scaling up the size a bit and lining and heavily interfacing it. My bag, while darling, is very squishy and soft and can't support itself. When you add 'things' to it, there is a little more ooomph, but I'd like it to have more structure from the get go.

Cute, no? And what a lovely early morning shot, taken as the bag dangles from my left hand! I haven't found just the right 'thing' to stitch on to the bag front in the center where the two contrasting panels intersect. I had thought to use a couple of my gramma's wonky old earrings but they just weren't quite right.

Nice opening, but I am a BIG bag gal and really would like to have this bag in a larger size. It reminds me a lot of my Mom's vintage knit bag (and who knows where that ended up!)

What IS that peeking out????? It is PINK, you can tell that from the start!

I have lied to myself, lied big and lied well. I promised upon a stack of Elizabeth Zimmerman books that I would not start anything new until the socks were done and the Cable Luxe sweater was off the needles. The socks are (hallelujah) done now, and the sweater is still vacationing in the big 'yummy bag'.

While reading Amy Singer's blog the other day I saw her "Liesl", below-----
That my blitters was all she wrote. Well not exactly what Amy wrote but you catch my drift. I HAD to have that sweater. From glazed eyeballs I purchased the pattern only because I knew I had well (very well) aged yarn in the stash. My stash as I am quick to point out is bare bones so to be able to pull a sweater out on the spot is pretty remarkable. The yarn is 100% cotton, labeled Elite "Newport". Vintage Classic Elite I believe. It's a pretty chunky cotton and I do have some fears of sizing although I did swatch. Really. Sometimes I wonder why I swatch because the outcome may not have any commonality with that swatched piece! The pattern of this adorable cardi is feather and fan and just the most fun to knit. I suppose I should put the live stitches onto a piece of yarn and get a better idea of whether or not this will be a cardi or a boat cover.

Wedding Saturday today, maybe my bride will pose with "Liesl"?


yoel said...

What a cute bag! Is there a pocket between the flower fabric and the striped fabric?

Bridget said...

Your bag is fabulous!

I had to buy the Liesl pattern too ...

Virtuous said...

Super cute bag and perfect for knitting! :o)

Jenny Girl said...

Oh how cute! I love, love, love that bag! Fabric, handles, the whole sha-bang!

Good luck on the sweater. The pattern is cute, and try it on as you go. I don't think cotton is a very stretchy, forgiving yarn, so maybe it won't grow like you think.

jen duncan said...

You sure do make me wish I could knit!!