Saturday, June 7, 2008

The Bride Cometh

If it is Saturday there must be a bride in the mix! A previous comment here on the blog said that I must be busy this month with the bride thing. Amazing to me, weddings are an enormous business around the world and we are crazy busy 10 months of the year. It used to be that June was THE month for weddings. Here in mid-America, June is actually not the most popular month anymore and has been replaced by October. When you think about it, October is lovely with it's brilliant foliage and normally cooler temperatures so it does make a good choice. Last October the temps were hotter than a monkey's butt and we all wondered why we were doing a wedding every five minutes! The spring wedding thing has been tested this year without a doubt. There may indeed be global warming but you'd be hard pressed to prove it to my brides! Since wedding season really got going in early March, we've had ONE wedding day that was sunny and delightful! Today will not change that fact, we're expecting some pop up storms in the mix and hothothot.

There should be a lot of knitting in the mix today because of what looks like a bit of waiting built into the day in spurts here and there. I'm counting that as a bright spot!

Thanks for the comments and many emails that I received yesterday. My blitters can rationalize anything and I love that! When it comes time to make it okay to do something really BIG, you know that you'll be the first people I go to!

As it turned out, I mowed the lawn early in the morning knowing that I wouldn't be able to get to it until next week--- the joys of a busy schedule and a rotary mower! After a very small bit of work I headed up to the sewing room and dug in. When the tornado sirens blew and the rain came down so hard you literally couldn't see out the windows, I had a momentary pause. So, after determining that there was not a tornado barreling down my street I pretty much just ignored the whole thing and kept going.

I'm making the "Kimberly Bag" from the very talented Amy Butler. LOVE THIS BAG! I have to say that it is my first Amy pattern and I'm very impressed with the quality of the product and the clarity of the instructions. Even a novice seamstress could manage! When it comes to interfacing I knew that I was a big fan but I have come to discover that Amy is a total interfacing freak! I put much more interfacing into this bag than I would have thought to do. Mind you, it is a very constructed bag, very shaped---- but there is MAJOR interfacing with loads of iron on and some Timtex to boot. I'm not done yet, sadly, but ready to put in the zipper and the lining so I can see the end of the project coming fairly soon.

Once again, I bump up against the fact that I really don't like to follow directions. (SURPRISE!) Miss Amy, I'm giving it my very best shot------- truly.

Because I've been completely lazy about hauling out the camera (I really, really need one of those cute little digitals instead of the big old Canon) to take pics of wip's-------

I make that up to you by bringing you one of the best joy photos in the world.

There is just nothing as joyful as a giggly baby girl pulling a frilly frothy dress up over her head, showing those amazing baby toes and a cute little baby belly!! Love it! Sadly, this joy can't be enjoyed (in public) past the age of 18 months or so.

"Twilight" is about half way down my foot making me realize that soon (ish) I'll be doing toe shaping and then those socks will jump off my needles. Talk about woo hoo!

"Kimberly" bag should be done in another couple hours

Pi Are Square will be traveling with me today to grab here and there for a few quick moments of knitterly Zen.

Enjoy a fabulous day, do nice things for yourself, and keep your dress down where it belongs for heaven's sake!


jen duncan said...

GREAT picture Tina. Love it!! Good luck with the wips and have a great weekend.

Red Geranium Cottage said...

I love that photo of that baby girl!!!! I'd frame that one. Can you do that for me?? LOL!!! I just love it!!! It makes you giggle doesnt it?

Jenni said...

Hello from Kauai!

yoel said...

I love the little toes on the little girl! Too cute.
Also, you've been tagged for a meme!