Monday, June 16, 2008

Knitting Bride-- MIA

I'm sad and I know that many of you will be too, there are NO knitting bride photos this week! How sad is that? We had a very short day that was jammed packed and running late and it just didn't happen. Sigh. I did get a couple of rows done in the car but once we arrived at the wedding it was off and running.

I can describe it for you however----- the sweet bride wore her hair in a french twist secured with a comb that was her groom's late mothers when she was a little girl. Her wedding gown was a very simple strapless off-white satin, fitted, to the floor. Over the gown she wore a coat of lace, long sleeves and also floor length. The lace coat had a short train that could be snapped on and off and it attached at the waistline. While it was not my favorite dress this, or any, season--- I'd have to give her originality points as I sure haven't seen anything like it.

Get this--- I have an injury that causes pain while knitting! Really, while doing just about anything. My right wrist had been bugging me for a few days and there is just no strength in it at all, but arriving home early from the wedding on Saturday found me at a neighbors house helping to paing the siding of their house. The result is a wrist that is just (as my gramma Ruth would say) powerful painful! 600 mg. of ibuprofen later it is at least bearable. And primed with enough wonder pills I even managed a few rounds on "Twilight". I'm trying not to stretch my measurement from the back of the heel to the point where I can start decreasing for the toes, and if I'm correct I think I'm within 3/4 of an inch or so. Woo Hoo!

While sitting here last evening waiting on some images loading up to the lab, I found myself Second Lifing. I don't get there very often anymore but I saw on Ravelry that one of the knitters there had finished a knitters hangout in her new sim. FABULOUS I say, I was so impressed with her skill, and what a really cute place! There is a spinning wheel (that works) in the back of the room and a computer desk that can be connected to Ravelry---- what more do you need in real life OR Second Life???? The sim was created by Lisa, Knitting Gypsy on Ravelry. I'd hook you up with her blog, but she is without one. Just in case you are now or planning to be on Second Life, the SLURL is

Ravelry on the desk computer, how incredibly cool is that??? You can actually log in---- log on to a computer location from inside a computer location. It makes me feel very low tech and bordering on inept. (I want to own the outfit, tres cute!)

And SL me, spinning. I admit I got a kick out of it! It was a very short stay and back to waiting projects for me.

Sunday afternoon found me at knit group, a lovely diversion from my desk even when I had to leave early. Yoel enchanted me with her knitters post-it notes............ they crack me up and I love them. You can use the link to check them out---- thanks Yoel, I have one of each tacked to the sewing room door as we speak. I still think I should use them all over the house, like police tape! The whole custom sticky note thing has my head reeling with possibilities!

Once again, where in the world did the weekend go? This one sped by faster than usual. If I didn't work on weekends I'd be more depressed than ever! I'm working on having a great week and hope you all join me in doing that very thing!


Virtuous said...

Sounds like you had a busy but great weekend!

So glad you will be involved with a knit group! Fun!

Hope your wrist feels better soon!

Very interesting @ SL

Jenny Girl said...

Two days is just never enough!
Sorry to hear about your injury and hope you get better soon.

Glad you made to your knit group. What a sanity saver!
You have a good week also :)

yoel said...

I love your second life outfit! Except you need a veil attached to your butt. Hee!