Monday, June 2, 2008

Last Knitting Bride of May

As much as I loved the bride and groom from last Saturday's wedding---- it was a tough day to be a Bride Wrangler. On a lot of levels...... we'll just let the dirty details go.

That is sweet Mrs. H, before the wedding, in her suite. I have to say that she was not only lovely on the outside but breathtakingly beautiful on the inside---- where of course it matters! The beautiful bride and her handsome groom were married in a hotel ballroom and the ceremony was held across the wide expanse of hall. Thankfully, we engineered a lovely private 'first glance' for the happy couple and could then escape for a few hours of location photography in between the crazy stuff. The lovely bride is holding Pi Are Square----- still a wonderful piece of fluff knitting. It has proven to be wonderful to just be able and pick up for a few quick stitches. The only thing to remember is the front parade of yarn overs that separate the round body from the triangular front sections. Easy peasy----- wonderfully Zen. You can see the line of holes marching through the knitting next to her right hand in the photo above. She started out the day tired, poor baby and sat for the knitting portrait---- but you can see more of her wedding gown below.

Her dress was lovely, I'm especially fond of the NON strapless variety. They have a more classic appeal, and because every dress in the world is strapless these days, they are 'different'. Of course they fit so much better too and there is a lot less 'grabbing of the girls' to make sure that they are firmly ensconced in their tulle and lace prison. Mrs. H's dress was allover lace with a very flattering one inch satin bow tacked in the center front and trailing around back to give a pretty diagonal leading line. Her bridesmaids were loads of fun and wore fabulous shoes and pretty cute dresses, very 'cocktail-y'. Do check out the ink of the matron of honor! Woo----eeeeeeeeeeee. I discovered at the end of the day that her ink was all 'alcohol related' and that was why she no longer consumed alcohol I could only smile. You should see the sides as well as the front!

Knit Group was absolutely fabulous yesterday, the day was bright and warm and there were no shortage of laughs (as always). A wonderful option was presented to me that quite frankly I had never thought of! Instead of actually knitting 'Twilight" the long suffering Two at a Time socks, I could have PAID a stunt knitter to actually make a pair for me! Heckfire, I could then have presented them as my own with no one being the wiser. Somehow this option sort of intrigues me! We did have a very good conversation about tattoos, maybe we should all go together to get one?? How much fun would that be! I'll take the photographs!

After taking a couple hours this afternoon from studio madness to see S*x and the City---- yay--- I'll be stitching on the binding for my bright and happy table runner. For some reason, I can't wait to have it finished and placed on the dining room table.

It is after all the small things in life that bring us joy!!!!

We all need more joy!


dana said...

here, here for joy. i echo your strap sentiments. maybe because i know my girls would make strapless a disaster.

can't wait to hear what you think of (please don't give anything away, or if you do, start with an avert until after movie viewing warning!)

melissaknits said...

I love dresses with things like sleeves, myself.

Wow, those tats...and all alcohol related? Wow. Bummer...that's a lot of cash...

I am ignoring the stunt knitter comment. I am just going to let it go.

Jenny Girl said...

I too am tired of all the strapless numbers for brides. I have been to lots of weddings lately and they all look the same. Apparently it's pretty hard to find a dress that's not strapless.

Cute bride!

Red Geranium Cottage said...

I too would go for the non strapless variety. I'd be afraid the whole thing would slip down and the girls would be out there for all to see. And those tatoos, YIKES!!! I'd stop drinking too.