Friday, June 27, 2008

Friday Fragrance

The lavender is drying! I only have one plant, and wish I had more! In this third season it is wonderfully prolific and very fragrant. Is tnere anything quite as lovely as lavender?

For the moment it is bundled near my front entrance, when it has finished drying I'll remove the little lavenderettes and store them carefully.

I think I'll make some special sachets for Christmas this year------delightful!


melissaknits said...

Love lavender. My plants are still tiny. Moving, sometimes, stinks!!

Nell said...

I bet your house smells AMAZING!!!

Denise~ said...

I've got to say you have my favorite lavender for drying bouquets, Abriallii - or it looks like Abriallii anyway. Long stems with elegant gently tapered spiked blooms.