Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Meme & FO's!

Before I get to work with the meme that Yoel tagged me with----- I do have some happy fo's. Above is the "Kimberly Bag" from Amy Butler. I have a pile of brights that I think I'm saving for totes or other projects, I wanted this one to be neutral (I live in black for work) and yet happy and 'me'. Aren't the handles fun? I should have snapped the lining, it is hot pink with circles of different colors. Great bag------ very VERY sturdy, the handle construction alone will be the springboard for every fabric handle I do going forth. The shape is great---- but for me anyway-- this is a smallish bag. Once your wallet and a few goodies are in there this baby is done.

So--- I am nothing if not dutiful---- how many times have I said that??? :) This is for you Yoel!

1.) What was I doing ten years ago?
  • I was living in Honolulu Hawaii raising my last child, now 23. I hated Hawaii then, if I had only known then what I know now but isn't that what looking back tends to do???
2) What are five (non-work) things on my to-do list for today:
  • 1. Feed the dogs
  • 2. Get to the Galleria for some skin care
  • 3. Try to get the machine quilting done on the ever present wall quilt-- I really want this one to be done!
  • 4. Read some more of Deepak Chopra's new book
  • 5. Go for a walk. That really should be number one on my list I guess that is very telling that I list it as an afterthought, I'm so bad!!
3) Snacks I enjoy:
  • Yoel says that her favorite snack is cucumbers with ketchup, which I guess explains why she is so thin! My favorite snacks are never healthy, or rarely. The healthiest I can go is fat free cottage cheese and whole wheat crackers. My favorite would be caramel Bugles or M&M's. Are M&M's a snack or a complete food group?
4) Things I would do if I were a billionaire:
  • Invest it leaving a small bit to:
  • pay off debt for those I love, including myself--- fantasies can start at home after all
  • buy a house somewhere in Arizona or in Florida. Rather diametrically opposed locations but that is where I am right now. Hawaii would be great but I don't think with the way the world is heading I want to be so remote.
  • Self-publish my book NOW instead of waiting a bit
  • set up an organization that helped those in need. Like healthcare & education
5) Places I have lived:
  • Wichita, KS
  • Atlanta, GA
  • Orlando, FL (and Oviedo)
  • Chicago, IL (actually Lincolnshire)
  • Carbondale, IL-- Go Salukis!
  • Del Rio, TX
  • South Jersey
  • Upper Marlboro, MD
  • Minneapolis, MN (Lakeville & Apple Valley)
  • Honolulu, HI (Hawaii Kai and Ko'o O'lina)
  • St Louis, MO
6) Jobs I have had:
  • Wife
  • Mother
  • Chief Cook and Bottle Washer- underpaid during and after
  • Regional Sales Rep for a now defunct cosmetic company out of NY, NY
  • Sales merchandiser for Neutrogena
  • Instructor for Cuisinart
  • various and sundry volunteer positions
  • freelance writer
  • Creative Director of a photography studio
So there you have it!

WOO HOO------- Twilight is coming along. I actually thought I was further along on the foot of these socks. Perhaps it was just my eagerness------ the longing to be finished. Have I mentioned these have been in progress for just way too long? Please ignore those toes badly in need of a pedicure!

And I will close with my new table runner, seen in progress earlier. Is it not just the happiest summer runner ever? Love it with a big bowl of oranges on the table.

Lovely, I almost seem productive!


melissaknits said...

You're in the home stretch!!!

yoel said...

Ooh, I love the table runner AND the purse. You'll need to bring both to knitting.

The foot part of the sock is always fast, mindless knitting, so you're almost done! Or you can just stop prematurely and have "pedicure socks" :)

Shilly Sit Knitter said...

Love the table runner, The socks rock, And YES M&M's are a food group. Also, Ilived in Hawaii in '99. Wahiwa (Wheeler AFB) My favorite beach was Three Tables due to a snorkeling fettish I had while living there. We were broke and snorkeling was cheap. LOL

Jenny Girl said...

Those socks will be finished before you know it!
Love your new bag and those handles are so funky! Love it.

Very interesting reading. My goodness you have done a lot of moving. I can't even begin to imagine.