Friday, June 6, 2008

Friday Flowers

I bring you the photo of the bridal bouquet because stitch-wise, I got nothin' baby! Nothin'! Not that I don't have a finished project and progress made on others believe me............ I just haven't drug out the camera for NON work related things. It seems to be an effort I just can't get after at the moment, sorry.

The bouquet is gorgeous though, isn't it? Remember, I see bouquets every single week and this one was exceptional. The stems were wrapped well and the overall design was well balanced so as to be 'carry-able', that is not too heavy. I hate the bouquets that are created in that 'old school' plastic handle thing, horrible! The base of this all white beauty was baby's breath, followed by tightly packed layers of very tight, fresh flowers beginning with powderpuff carnations. Layers followed; roses, pearl centered stephanotis, and more roses, with the top knot of tight roses in bud. I just loved it!

I bring you the contrasting bouquet. It is made from jeweled polyester flowers. And it is blue. Enough said I think.

Tomorrow brings another day of bride wrangling, which means that I can try to take an afternoon off ahead of the big event. Shall I work down the feet of "Twilight", plug away on the Pi Are Squared which has had it's last body increase worked............ maybe start one of the new Amy Butler bags that have been patiently waiting since Paducah? Start that new little quilt using the "cherry baby" fabric I've been wanting to get to?? Or will I clean the house and mow the yard? I know what I want to do, I guess we'll see what wins out, the want to or the need to.

Encouragement and rationalization happily accepted!


Nancy said...

The grass will continue to grow, the house will continue to be messy, but you NEED to carry a new bag next week....

melissaknits said...

I love natural stem bouquets. Also home made ones. Like stuff from the garden plus a few roses all perfectly bound and tied with a bow.

Jenni said...

I bet this is a BUSY month for you!

hang in there!

Jenny Girl said...

I really like the blue bouquet. Very pretty and it contrasts nicely with the white.

Can you try and do one cleaning thing and spend the rest of time on yourself? Like just run the vacuum real fast or something.

Bride wrangling can't be easy, and you need to treat yourself after working. I say have some chocolate and make yourself a new bag.

Shilly Sit Knitter said...

I'd say to heck with it all and go yarn shopping.....(just sayin"....)

That bouquet is just georgous. I'm not a blue person but I like that. Now if it was purple i'd be elbowin people out of the way to snag it. LOL

Red Geranium Cottage said...

Those bouquets are beautiful but that first one is awesome. I've never seen one prettier I dont think.