Thursday, August 16, 2007

Paris 16th

Paris 16th? It is if I say so! My house has a very French inspired theme, including the kitchen where this wreathed calendar resides on the back door. And today, on Paris 16th I finished the B4 Bag! A few changes--- but it is done and I absolutely love it!

Side one (each side is different) has more neutral buttons. The beads are (sigh) sewn on because the beads I ordered and thought would hunker around my bulky yarn didn't. I was too impatient to wait. Don't you hate it when that happens? Should I knit it again (and who knows) I will knit on the beads in the prescribed pattern. Until then chalk it up to creative license! The beads are not quite as 'bright' as they appear in the camera flash-----

This is side two and perhaps my favorite, although I like them both. The big square button was a find at my LYS as were the two leopard buttons and the green and leopard button. You will note that it is in the kitchen window perched on a few cookbooks--- as hot as it has been it's a safe bet that the Soup Bible hasn't been cracked open in quite a while!

I did decide to line my bag, thanks to Dana for the inspiration. I also used some Timtex from my stash-- the super stiff interfacing used to make quilted boxes (among other things). The bottom and sides are interlined with the stiffener, then the lining is over the top of that layer. Having the extra layers gave the bag enough ooooomph that my agitatorless washing machine might have shortchanged me on!

I love happy little surprises so I used some decorator weight fabric from my stash (which is fairly substantial). I traced around the bottom of the bag after it was felted and dried. Then I measured around the circumference and the height and cut the fabric allowing for 5/8" seam allowance and 3 inches turned down at the top of the lining. I cut a pocket out of the doubled fabric and stitched to the back (seam) side. The buttons and beads were affixed, the bottom and sides were stiffened and I then slid in the lining right side out. I used doubled sewing thread to stitch around the lining and the bag. Voila!

I did purchase leather handles and I like the idea, just not the handles I was able to find locally--- they just didn't do it for me. So for now the B4 has the twisted handles, made a bit longer so that I can toss the bag over my shoulder and it will tuck right in under my armpit for safe carrying.

I stayed up way too late last night working on the first square from the jacket I'm knitting in Knit Simple. The long tail of I-Cord looks like an umbilical cord!

Sooooooooooooo cute. My Noro colorway is going to be a lot bluer but still has the pop of rose and a bit of gold. I have a sinking feeling that this sweater is going to have a big conflict with the leggings I'm supposed to be knitting in September!

With any luck I will find some time to knit very soon. In Paris of course! )AKA my old house but shhhhhhhhh, let's not mention it!)


dana said...

magnifique on the bag. where would one find the timtex. is it iron on? thanks for sharing. congrats on the beautiful bag.

Jenni said...

The sweater pattern is awesome(especially if you knit it out of Noro) and I LOVE LOVE LOVE the bag. It is so whimsical. I just started on my leggings a few days ago. I got tired of fiddle faddle. I am pretty excited about them and was knitting at school today. But I felt a bit wierd trying to explain to people what I was knitting.

tina said...

Dana--- the Timtex is super pricey--- and I know that there is another brand that is far cheaper. Ask at your fabric store. I believe it comes iron on and non-iron on. It requires quite a bit of heat to fuse it so I did not iron it.

Jenni you little cheater!!!!! ARGH! I will be looking to hear tips and tricks for the leggings. The bag is very whimsical, you are right. Very 'fall' too.